CMA June 2021 exam


As per tweets by HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal, CBSE date sheet for the CBSE Class 12 board exam and CBSE Class 10 board exam are finally out.

Students of CBSE are waiting for so long for the current exam dates for CBSE board exams can finally jerk a sigh of relief and resume preparation without any suspicion about tension regarding CBSE board exams 2020.

May 16, Saturday, The HRD Minister had tweeted, around noon to announce that the CBSE new date sheets for the pending board exams would be out in the evening. But in the second tweet in the evening, he increases the suspense again by saying that the new exam dates would be announced on Monday rather of Saturday.

After a long wait finally the CBSE students get some relief, they have been worried about the Covid-19 situation that has uncertainties running high in every home. Moreover, their board exam practices seem to be never ending and that isn’t good for anyone’s mental health.

CBSE board had first said that students would be provided at least 10 days’ time to assemble for the remaining CBSE board exams. Luckily, CBSE students got much more time than that since the CBSE date sheet for CBSE Class 12 board exam 2020 was disclosed on May 18 and the board exams will be held from July 1 to 15.

Due to the lockdown announced by our PM Narendra Modi the exams for a few courses are pending for CBSE board. The HRD Minister has released the CBSE Date Sheet 2020 for the pending CBSE 10th Exam 2020. 1, 2, 10 and 15 July is the date of the exam selected for CBSE 10th 2020 exams.

Pending 10th 12th board exams would be released on 18 May 2020 Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Date Sheet 2020. HRD Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal had verified the same on his twitter handle. The date sheet was first predicted to be released on May 16 but was postponed till May 18. The detailed list of subjects along with the dates as per previous date sheet and new date sheet are summarized in the table below. The HRD Minister announced the new exam dates for CBSC pending exams.

Students and parents may please note that the time for release of CBSE New Date sheet is not known as of now. The time table would be published on the official website and on HRD Minister’s Twitter Handle.

The list of courses with date for CBSE exams class 12th are as follows
Home Science: July 1, 2020
2. Hindi (Elective): July 2, 2020
3. Hindi (Core): July 2, 2020
4. Computer Science (Old): July 7, 2020
5. Computer Science (New): July 7, 2020
6. Information Practice (Old): July 7, 2020
7. Information Practice (New): July 7, 2020
8. Information Technology: July 7, 2020
9. Business Studies: July 9, 2020
10. Bio-Technology: July 10, 2020
11. Geography: July 11, 2020
12. Sociology: July 13, 2020
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2020: Board exams in North East Delhi
1. Physics: July 3, 2020
2. Accountancy: July 4, 2020
3. Chemistry: July 6, 2020
4. English Elective – N: July 8, 2020
5. English Elective – C: July 8, 2020
6. English Core: July 8, 2020
7. Political Science: July 14, 2020
8. Mathematics: July 15, 2020
9. Economics: July 15, 2020
10. Biology: July 15, 2020
11. History: July 15, 2020


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