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There are many products and deliverables which people prefer to buy from other countries. People like to follow their fashion, their clothing, their lifestyle and even their food habits. So, they do shop all the items of their choice from international stores. Many brands and companies have business ventures overseas. In the same manner, many international brands are situated in India as well. But what about those brands that have not yet planned for overseas ventures? It doesn’t mean that the quality they provide is not up to the mark. People do like them via online stores and there are many online stores through which consumers can shop internationally along with overseas shopping. Many questions arise in everybody’s mind like how to ship internationally, how to pay and how the product will arrive? So, the exact answer to this question is MyUS Shipping.


Now, What is and how do I shop at Suppose, we want to buy a stylish coat and a guitar from the US but we are worried about its shipping charges. So, MyUS shipping sums up everything at ease. It includes many US and UK stores through which people can shop and buy the items of their choice. Through shipping, the product reaches the buyer’s house irrespective of the country in which he or she stay. connects different ventures and brands from all over the world in the USA with clients. So, through, clients can shop at the US stores and ship overseas.

So, is an intermediate means for expatriates who can receive catalogs from USA and mail overseas. The company is serving its clients for more than 20 years and consumers from all over the world have an inbuilt trust at It doesn’t only provide a simple and reliable way to shop online conveniently but also helps in the shipping process worldwide.

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MyUS Shipping


MyUS shipping rates are completely affordable to the consumers. Talking about MyUS shipping rates, the rate to ship a weight of 1 lbs is $25.07 and 2 lbs is $27.67. The cost to ship 4lbs is $33.95. Via MyUS shipping rates, a regular customer can save around $360 per year on average. Now let’s compare the shipping cost of products if consumers order them and ship them directly from the stores and via MyUS shipping. If any customer is shipping directly from the store, it will cost him or her $77.81. On the other hand, if he or she uses MyUS shipping, the cost is $33.75. This clearly depicts a drastic difference between both the costs and answers the most asked question, is MyUS shipping expensive?


The website also provides a MyUS shipping calculator that estimates the price of the shipment process. There is always a first chance for everybody. So, consumers who are new to and don’t know about MyUS shipping charges can estimate the cost they would have to bear while shipping any product overseas. The international shipping calculator estimates the price of shipping by asking where the package is shipping and where it is going. Also, it records the weight of the package. After filling in all the information in the international shipping calculator, the consumer can observe the estimated cost of shipping. For instance, if a person is shopping from India, so he can estimate shipping charges from the US to India.


New customers generally think that is MyUS shipping legit? Yes, it is one of the oldest and largest shipping websites in the United States. Recognized as such a large entity, MyUS Shipping review states that it is 100 percent safe to use. The experience of the consumers is there on the website which reads that MyUS provides the best services.


Do you have to pay for MyUS? Well, MyUS also provides a free trial premium package for the customers. In the MyUS free trial package, they will receive MyUS Shipping address, shipping discount, US sales tax-free shopping, free package consolidation, and repackaging for 30 days. After 30 days, as gaining a membership of MyUS, the membership will remain at $7 per month. But what is single package membership MyUS? In a single package MyUS, one gets a MyUS shipping address, exclusive shipping discount, and US Sales tax-free shipping. How do I cancel MyUS membership? It’s completely simple. Any of the two parties can cancel MyUS members via written notice, mail, fax, and more. While canceling the membership, the members of MyUS will receive a prorated refund of the charge they didn’t use.


Today, is a pioneering global company that has retailers from the USA available for international shoppers. The shipping process of the company is very cost-effective and convenient along with managing the accounts. More than 6.6 million people are members of staying in 220 countries and territories like Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, India, Africa, Iraq, France, UAE, and South Africa.

MyUS Shipping

How do I track MyUS? the working of is very simple to be understood by every consumer. It provides several websites altogether and consumers can check out the websites and all the stores at once. During the payment process, they can pay internationally and get their items shipped anywhere in the world. Moreover, the company saves money on shipping by packaging all the products in one bag box. Inc. magazine of 5000 fastest-growing private companies, MyUS has earned its name seven times since 2008. It is the first and largest company in the industry and ships over $292 million in e-commerce purchases annually. Moreover, hundreds of new members join every day. The company not only has earned its value through global experience and customer dedication but also resources and expertise. It makes shipping from US stores fast and affordable for all consumers. The office is located at Sarasota and marketing offices in Chicago.


Now, let us understand how works. As it is already said, over 6.6 million people are members of MyUS and the company uses a strategy of combining multiple packages in one shipment. The working of MyUS is drastically simple and any consumer can be a part of it. First of all, they have to sign up using a registration form and get their own MyUS address. Consumers can shop from top brands in US and UK. After shopping, they can ship it to the address they got. They will get several shipping methods. How long does MyUS take to ship? And how do I ship to MyUS? Consumers can choose any shipping method of their choice and even save their money through MyUS premier package consolidation. Within two to four days the package would arrive at the address chosen.

MyUS Shipping


Is it reliable to shop internationally and get it shipped anywhere in the world? Is the shipping process convenient enough and what all top brands are there to serve their products and services at How do I shop on So already ships in more than 220 countries from top brands like 6 PM, eBay, forever 2021, Amazon, Polo, Zappos, Disney, Walmart, John Lewis, and many more. It has discounted shipping rates and also offers different coupons. The packaging quality is top-rated and thousands of US and UK shows are there at


Why we should choose So, here are some of the best shipping and shopping benefits of my US. Talking about the shipping benefits, consumers enjoy a fast and reliable shipping experience with unmatched member service and industry-leading expertise. There are many other mediums through which consumers can ship their products from US stores to their countries. offers a clear-cut pricing system and analyses all the global shipping rates. It also offers a premium package consolidation which helps consumers to save while shipping the product.
Through premium package consolidation, they combine all the packages into one shipment. Buyers will get huge discounts and low rates because of the good term good and long-term relationship MyUS has with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and ESI. The account can be managed through Android phones only and all the shipping costs and account settings can be changed and moved forward using androids as well. It is not compulsory to shop via laptops or PC. Only consumers can create ship requests with a single click, get an alert push notification, upload their invoices, and yes! they are ready.

MyUS Shipping


MyUS is a mobile app. The regulators work seven days a week to ensure fast delivery and gain the best customer experience. They make sure that the purchases are protected and removed from unnecessary packaging. To save the money of the buyers, the company also exports paperwork for buyers. There are many shopping benefits as well. Buyers can get daily deals and custom recommendations from the top US brands. Many brands can only be found in the US which are 6 PM, Amazon, and more. So, buyers can buy from there as well. MyUS is the only company that earns tax-free status because of the buying power of more than 6.6 million members across the world.


Buyers shopping at MyUS can handle their portals, social media updates, sales, and offers. They can also get recommendations from the top brands and also about the best deals provided at the end of the day. On the other hand, buyers can also submit their reviews and make the best decisions out of all the brands and products at Also, helps consumers with returning the product if there doesn’t feel it is the right one in terms of color, size, or anything. They can add their products from stores in the shopping cart and continue their international shipping.


So, is reliable to use. If you are fond of shopping overseas, then get a membership at and save your money while shopping from your favorite brands.


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