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The registration process for DU admission 2020 is finally over and within the next few days, the cutoffs will be released while students from all across the country will seek admission to Delhi University. In the rush for DU admissions when freshers are preparing for the admission, intermediate and final year students are combatting their dilemmas and issues. While Delhi University teachers are conducting online classes and demanding the release of their salaries since the nationwide lockdown was imposed in the country.

Even in these extraordinary times, DU professors are struggling to demand their salaries. Their agitations are more likely in a blackmail form and are revoked as soon as they are placated with personal favors. Finally, the Delhi University teachers have knocked on the gates of Delhi High Court. As the issue of payment of salaries of 12, DU college professors were being dragged for so long.

While the Delhi University employees and professors have confronted the brunt of the unpardonable action of the Delhi state government. The fact also came out that Delhi University stayed entirely rudderless and leaderless in the last five years. The present VC professor Yogesh K Tyagi has been more apparent by his silence than his activeness. The DU Vice-Chancellor should have taken the issue of non-payment of salaries to the Delhi government much earlier. The matter should have reached the concerns of the Delhi government much before while defending DU professors.


However, the DU VC did not note the matter even when Manish Sisodia, Delhi Education Minister contended that the issue has occurred due to Tyagi’s actions. The Vice-Chancellor of DU processes via a council of directors, Pro-VCs, and Deans. He further seeks assistance from Finance Officer and Registrar in managerial matters. The University has however in Tyagi’s tenure has not witnessed an active team while the appointed officials are also holding back their responsibilities.

Students Protest Against Lack of Academic Infrastructure

Can a central university be regulated in such an ad-hoc mode without confronting academic obstacles? The University of Delhi for the last few years has been dwelling just on its beliefs and the past laurels. Several Delhi University colleges are operating under officiating principals. In various DU colleges, academic education is being delivered by ad-hoc faculty teachers. During the service of present DU VC Yogesh Tyagi, for the first time, University witnessed students protesting against the lack of academic infrastructure.


Several courses in University are being carried out with outdated syllabus. The B.A. (Hons.) course in Journalism can be sited as a live illustration. While various journalism colleges affiliated to IPU have adopted wider and newer topics, DU is glued on the conventional syllabus.


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