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Secretary to Prime Minister PK Mishra devoted a newly formed building. It was of government upper primary school in Odisha’s Sambalpur district. He studied in this school. Then he went on to praise the National Education Policy 2020. It also added its objective which is inclusive education. The principal secretary worked In partnership with the district administration. The mission was to upgrade the school with recent education facilities through NTPC-CSR.

During giving an address to the students present, the principal secretary went on to recall recollections from the time when he studied for three years.

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The minister said that he is excited that the school has been renovated for the students. Teachers, as well as students, have been effectively using smart classrooms.

He further added it will enhance the delivery of the National Education Policy by giving quality inclusive education. Also by learning that will bestow towards economic growth.

He mentioned that education is significant for development as well as economic prosperity. It is significant, especially for primary education.


Afterward, The MoS said that NEP 2020 is also concentrated on primary and pre-primary education. Its main aim is inclusive education, learning as well as new knowledge.

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He added that learning is an endless process as the world is always changing with developing technology.
He said We are living in the age of technology. Nowadays all the Students have access to mobile phones, the internet, etc. They all learn all the changes due to technology.

Use of Technology

Remarking further, he added that technology helped all the students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of the teachers have solved the issue of inaccessibility of technology to the students even from remote areas.

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After this great event, the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister talked with all reporters. He said that the school administrators are excited about encompassing new technologies as soon as possible.




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