Odometer rollback is probably as old as cars themselves. Back in the day, people would turn the pegs of analog odometers manually to display smaller mileage. Times have changed and analog trip meters have turned into digital ones. Yet the concept of programming the mileage hasn’t died out. People usually utilize specific equipment to change the numbers on the odometer. Such devices are far from perfect, however. What if you don’t want to mess with the existing mileage and you simply want to test your vehicle? You can check out SuperKilometerFilter.com that sells the mileage stopper. It’s a unique tool that will help you out if you’re wondering how you can stop your odometer.

What is the mileage stopper device?

The odometer blocker is a unique device that stops recording the distance your car travels. It’s a tiny machine that accesses the information in the ECU and filters the mileage depending on your command. SuperKilometerFilter.com sells the best mileage stopper on the market – once you check out the quality, you’ll discover its premium features right away.

But there’s one thing you should remember: this tool shouldn’t be used for deceitful purposes. It was designed to test the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, you should activate it in a controlled environment only.

How to use the mileage stopper device?

To use the mileage stopper properly, you should dismount the odometer. It’s a simple process that is completely safe for your car. Once you’re done, you should connect this unit with its original plug. The installation will take you around 30 minutes and you can start using this tool right away.

You can start exploring available modes when you finish the installation. You can stop recording mileage altogether, halve the number of miles that are recorded, or store only a fraction of the miles your vehicle travels.

Once again, you shouldn’t use this device to deceive potential customers or reduce the mileage on the odometer.

The main features of the mileage stopper device

The kilometer stopper from superkilometerfilter.com is a useful machine, especially if you want to test your vehicle safely. It comes with interesting features that set it apart from the competition.

The odometer programmer is undetectable

As mentioned, the odometer programmer acts as a middleman between the control units of your vehicle and the dashboard. Since it has access to the ECU and other control units, it offers untraceable operation. The effects won’t be reversed if you remove this device from your car. Neither will they be discoverable with a diagnostic scanner or other equipment.

The mileage filter is straight-forward

The mileage blocker is extremely easy to use. The majority of its models can be controlled with the buttons on the steering wheel. The installation is quite simple as well. You can attach the tool and use it independently – you won’t need anybody’s assistance.


The mileage programmer is the ultimate tool that you can use to stop recording mileage on your odometer. However, you shouldn’t use it on public roads. It’s better to activate it in a controlled environment to test the performance of your vehicle.




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