free COVID consultation

In India, there is one doctor available for 11,082 people while in Bihar, there is only one doctor for 28,391 people. To come out of the public health mayhem during the COVID-19 crisis, a free COVID consultation program has been started for COVID-19 patients. A special team of doctors and medical professionals is committed to the treatment of those people who are fighting COVID-19 at home.

The lives of people can be saved with the proper medical advice given at the right time. In order to get free COVID consultation, you can contact these doctors:-

  1. Baidnath K. Gupta

He is pursuing DM- Infectious diseases from AIIMS, Delhi. His WhatsApp number is- 9430980240.

  1. Taufiq Raza

He is an MBBS graduate and his WhatsApp number is- 9007913886.

  1. Rahul Chaudhary

He is also an MBBS graduate and his WhatsApp number is- 8854056422

  1. Shubham Kumar Sah

He is a graduate of BDS and is in charge of the Home Isolation COVID Control Room, Chhattisgarh. You can contact him on 7987847179.

  1. Akriti

She is a consultant physiotherapist and you can contact her on 9304608676.

  1. OPT Pankaj Gupta

He is a Bachelor in B. OPT (Eye Care Specialist) and you can contact him on 9334732004.

More than 2000 people have been benefitted from this free COVID consultation so far. This free COVID consultation has been started by Apna Bihar which is a social portal that works to counter negative stereotypes about Bihar.

These doctors have voluntarily stepped in to offer support to as many people as they can.

This free COVID consultation can be used by anyone across the country. The program is not only for the people of Bihar but for the people of the entire country.



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