Gyanvapi Mosque row
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University of Delhi Professor Ratan Lal has posted a controversial comment on the Varanasi Gyanvapi Mosque row. He posted his views on ‘Shivling’ that was found at Mosque. Accordingly, many people on social media showed their outrage. And, a case has been filed against Ratan Lal.

Since he commented on the incident in Varanasi, he has been receiving threats on social media. So, now he wrote to PM Narendra Modi asking for a gun license for safety. 

What does he post on Gyanvapi Mosque Row?

On Facebook, he had written, “If this is a shivling then it appears that maybe Lord Shiva Ji was also circumcised.” He wrote this with a picture of shivling in a post. 

This post of Ratna Lal followed outrage on social media and Delhi Police registered a case against him. Vineet Jindal, Supreme Court Lawyer has lodged a complaint based on hurting the Hindu sentiments.

According to the reports, he said, “The shivling doesn’t seem broken, it appears that it had been cut. That’s what I said. Moreover, when Muslims came to India and converted people of our country, tell me what’s the first thing that had perpetrated? Of course, ‘circumcision’, because in Islam the first thing they do is circumcision.”

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He adds, “Other religious leaders are saying the same thing that shivling has been damaged. After all, it’s my opinion and I have studied history. I don’t think this is a democracy because you are not letting me post and say my views.” Further, he said, “There is no documentation of when the mosque was built. I think this is the agenda for the 2024 election. And, if you want more arguments, make a forum and contact a historian.”

Gyanvapi Mosque Row

A petition had filed in 1991 stating the Gyanvapi Mosque was built on the orders of Aurangzeb by destroying Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi. Later, petitioners and several local priests requested to worship in the Gyanvapi Mosque, Varanasi. However, in 2019 Allahabad High Court called a stay.

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Now, Five Hindu women were seeking to worship Shringar Gauri and other deities in the Gyanvapi mosque complex. And, the controversy began once again.




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