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All universities are closed since the last week of March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Colleges will reopen only in a phased manner. After getting permission to open technical institutes (ITIs) in the country from September 21 under Unlock 4, now non-technical institutes are also being talked about.

In such a situation, the biggest challenge will be how to bring education back on track. Currently, students are pursuing this academic session through online mediums. But it is feared that if higher education institutions are not opened this year the next session will be under tremendous pressure. This is the reason why the government and the Ministry of Education are trying to find all kinds of options.

When Will Colleges Reopen, What will be the change, what kind of pictures can be seen after the opening of the colleges, and what will be the preparations of the administration, in response to these questions, a Delhi University official said on condition of anonymity that the colleges will be opened from the end of next month Discussions are being held on If colleges also open, then there will be an option for students to read online.

Students will not be obliged to attend college during the Corona period. Classes can be held in many shifts in subjects where the number of students is high.


Apart from this, the number of classes taken during the week can also be reduced. Students will have to follow the social distance as well as the university administration will also make proper arrangements for cleanliness and sanitation. It will be compulsory for students to wash their hands before the class starts and after it is over.

Along with this, he also informed us that talk of keeping the canteen closed. With all these precautions, the expectations of students once again sitting in the classroom have started to rise.


Dr. Pradeep Kumar, a media professor at Delhi University, says that despite the preparations, the conduct of classes will be difficult as before. Corona cases are crossing 80 thousand daily. In this way unlock 5. Everyone’s eyes will be on what the Ministry of Education decides.


In a recent survey, it was found that most of the parents do not consider the opening of colleges safe at this time. Students will not follow social distancing correctly. Mixing with friends will increase the risk of infection. Many parents are not in a position to say anything right now.




  1. Go and check your nearby markets and say where were the social distancing is followed and the most of the younger are roaming in the market so atleast reponeing of colleges is must

  2. Plz open the colleges as soon as possible…it is very difficult to understand the lectures online as we are not able to contact our teachers and even some of the students can not even take online classes for separate reasons…

    So please… reopen it soon…🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Pls reopen colleges as soon as possible..
    It’s too late now.. College students are matured enough to follow all sops..

    Pls don’t delay anymore and reopen colleges as soon as possible

  4. Yes please reopen colleges… As it is very difficult for us to study online… We don’t even concentrate on what we read… I don’t even know what i will write in my 5th sem exams…. As due to poor netwrk connection and.. Many more prblms i mfacing during online classes… Please reopen colleges in october.. So we atleast understand remaining of our syllabus otherwise it will be difficult for us if colleges will open in november… That will not help us.. As our exams will start from november…

  5. Online classes are a mental stress for students which is not only causing health issue related to eyes headache but also affecting studies and acedemic status of students …..and if we look at the ground situations there are various events going in the country where people gather much more than students in colleges ……. if we look in our surroundings no one is even wearing masks so at least colleges should be reopened with proper measures …………

  6. Plz reopen college.. as we r facing many difficulties … Online study is not possible at home.. and also there is lot of network issues… As i m a vocal music student.. it is very difficult for me to… Understand from online class.. we need instruments to practice.. and in online class. .. its not possible..

  7. Plzzzzzz understand…we are mature enough……plzzzz reopen colleges…I beg yu….its too much….we can’t handle online this stress anymore

  8. There is a option with the student that whether they want to continue with online mode or offline mode. Online mode is also good. If colleges opens and without canteen then it is hard for students as students mostly depend on duta canteen and other cheap places for lunch. As there is 0.5m gap when students sit in class and if 1m gap is mandatory then I am afraid that DU classes will be able to accommodate all students.

  9. Plss plssss open the university. Why is the government not considering the mental health of students. The health ministry has not yet understood that corona is not deadly for the youth but mental stress and isolation is.
    And we are mature enough to practice social distancing, if every industry can go on with precautions then why not education???????

  10. the only reason we are waiting is because of parents are forcing about our health. we are unable to listen online classes.
    by opening colleges students may get relief and can spend time on studies. students are unable to study. they cant even spend time on work. obviously we are waiting to go to colleges. we can take our own precautions to be clean and healthy. but in home we cant. the only place students can be happy with everyone one and will have no tension at all is universities and being with friends. we are unable to concentrate due to unknown stress and feelings. college is the only place for do or die situation. we all hope that colleges and universities will open soon. please understand students intention that we are very eager to go to colleges. thanking you…….

  11. It’s high time when the government should wake from their slumber and realise that this decision is utterly erroneous. There is literally no education being imparted at non-cohesive environment of comfort of home. This concept of “online teaching” is merely a sham and needs to be pierced to aid the economy and pave a better future for the upcoming generations.

  12. Great political drama…government allowed to do campaigning while in Bihar elections. No one there was using mask and maintaining the social distance. Here our Ministry of Education is in dilemma to open university or not. Both Education and Health are at risk now.

  13. Social distancing is not following in market place Community Ceremonies .Colleges are closed considering students won’t be able to follow social distance is irony.

  14. Pls listen to all our wishes sir…. We want the independent environment for studying… In home there are lots of issue we need to going through with… We r forced for live in home which we do not want… We r depressed while in home due to so much regulations… We even can’t go out alone… Pls sir… Open the college and universities so that we can come.. And live happy there… At least we will be stressful and we r not a 1 year kids… Who doesn’t know that what to do or what not… Pls sir…. Listen to our problem also…. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. please reopen the college as soon as possible. cause we are unable to understand at what position are we ranking in our studies .. literally I don’t even know what exact topics were taught by professors in this hectic online mode. In this online mode due to that stress and other issues instead of studying we are tending towards different phase such as scrolling social media websites etc.. this online mode is not even helpful even though how hard if we try to study… please reopen it .😣😫🙏


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