Delhi High Court


The Delhi High Court has organized the University to file a confirmation detailing how they intended to facilitate the process of allocation of degree certificates, pulling up the Delhi University for non-issuance of degree ticket to a student on the report of lack of printing facility and paper. The decree was enacted by a Single Judge Bench of Justice Prathiba M Singh.

The Court was hearing an application by one Dhritiman Ray (Petitioner) who obtained his M.A. in Psychology from the Zakir Hussain Delhi College, Delhi in 2017.

The Petitioner subsequently attained admission into various prestigious colleges for a post-graduate course.
The Petitioner was given the Commonwealth Scholarship by Kings College London, nonetheless, the identical could not happen due to the non-filing of the degree certificate in time, which was to be circulated by the DU.

The Petitioner proceeded the Court for a direction to Delhi University for the allocation of his degree in the belief of one final opportunity accessible to him to avail of a scholarship from Glasgow University.
When the circumstance came for hearing before the Court, Delhi University accepted that the explanation for non-issuance of the Petitioner’s degree certificate was a shortage of proper quality paper and the expiry of the treaty for the printer.

Hereafter, Prof Vinay Gupta, Dean, Examination, University of Delhi seemed before the Court and elucidated that the varsity always endeavored to assist the students to the extreme extent possible.
He asserted that while the convocation for the 2017 degree course was held in November 2018, the data relating to students was uploaded by the college only in December 2019.

Prof Vinay Gupta explained that the agreement with the printer immersed by Delhi University came to an end and the same had to be re-tendered.

The Court was also informed that owing to the lockdown, very few proposals were obtained for the tender for the printer, which postponed the process.

Contending that the tender for the printer would be confirmed shortly, Prof. Gupta ensured the Court that the degree certificate for the Petitioner would be allocated on or before July 10, 2020.

the Court examined that achievement of graduation and award of the degree was usually a cause for celebration among scholars, nonetheless, the Petitioner’s voyage to obtain the degree certificate was complicated and awful.

the Court examined, by Taking significant remark of the validity that allocation of degree certificates to students was postponed due to entirely indefensible reasons.

Delhi High Court announced that the non-availability of paper and printing facilities cannot be a reasonable cause especially when the careers and academic potentials of students are at risk. Though no convocation is held, the allocation of degree certificates which ought to be a pleased and memorable occasion has been swiveled into a complicated and burdensome process.

The Court decided that the case exhibited detailed administrative lethargy on the portion of all Delhi University authorities and remarked, First, there is no explanation for not holding the convocation on an annual purpose in the same year when the student passes out. It is unheard of that the convocation is itself clenched one year later. Secondly, there is no explanation for the college not to deliver the data relating to the Universities shortly upon announcement of outcomes of the final year students. Thirdly and finally, the non-availability of publishing facilities and paper is a completely derisory and indefensible reason.

The Court eventually opined that Delhi University ought to stimulate the process of obtaining degree certificates and should furnish all possible employment to students.

There is thus a need for the DU to facilitate the process of allocation of degree certificates with a limited timeline and schedule, said by Delhi High Court.





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