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Think about Delhi and name ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ arises in mind. ‘Arvind Kejriwal’, the chief minister of Delhi has done a lot of for Delhi, implemented schemes like odd even for controlling pollution, set up free clinics, water treatment plants, canteen which provide food at cheap rates then why people are against him now?  What happened in past year that Delhiites regret voting for him? 

1. Project whole system against him

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has continuously tried to emerge out as hero who is trying to fight evils prevalent in this country and more like a movie, villains are against him. The villains in movie of Arvind Kejriwal are Prime minister, LG, Delhi Police, opposition party members, MCD and media etc. We have hardly seen a Chief Minister in history who said that whole system is against him and are being hurdle in completing his duties.

2. Cries for what is not in his jurisdiction

Delhi people complaints that Kejriwal cries for what he does not have instead of utilizing the powers he already have. No one can forget Kejriwal spars with Center on police powers. Mr. Kejriwal should know how to administrate with what he has power on in a better way instead of wasting time is seeking powers.

3. No proper planning & implementation

Delhi CM made lot of promises in his manifesto. Though many are done in a good way too. He lowered electricity bills and water bills, Set up canteen which provide food in INR 5 and clinics for free treatment and medicines. But instead he could have renovated the existing one which would have cost less than setting up new ones. Wi-Fi and CCTV for safety are all incomplete promises done by him. Moreover, the party waste money on publicity more instead of utilizing it for public welfare.

4. Attention Seeker

Kejriwal is always alleged for seeking attention through one or other drama. He became CM but did not left his activist style politics behind. Remember those ‘Dharnas’ against LG & Central Govt.! He always tries to remain in news either by hook or crook. And if that doesn’t he allege others for making a headline in newspaper.

5. Accuse Prime minister for everything

You might have seen Delhi CM accusing prime minister for every other thing. Hundred times, news of PM taking bribe form people are heard. The CBI raid incident at office of CM is memorable one where he used un-respectable words for PM and didn’t apologies. It seems as Kejriwal’s main focus is just on accusing Prime minister instead of his completing his primary goals.

6. Association with Plug-Uglies

Aam Aadmi Party consists of members against whom cases are filed for being corrupt, fraud and rapist or for domestic violence etc. If Delhi CM and people who rule over Delhi are in such position then it’s hard to understand what the party actually fighting for?  This has clearly lowered down the respect for ‘AAP’ that people had while casting vote for him and making him Delhi CM.


7. Habit of jumping onto conclusions


Arvind Kejriwal have a habit of reaching to conclusions without actually doing his homework, checking evidences and looking for other perspective. They have turned into party that they use to accuse of dirty politics before ruling over Delhi and have disappointed Delhiites.

By-Anushka (SPM College)



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