Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth: An Indian Actor, Know Priority,Relationship Status and 10 Intresting facts about him

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth: An Indian actor, know Priority,Relationship Status and 10 Interesting Facts About Him

Zaheer Iqbal, a famous Indian actor, has done many television shows and Bollywood movies. Zaheer Iqbal was spotted with Salman Khan in his initial days. Zaheer Iqbal is currently working on this fourth film ” Double XL”.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is in crores, let us know the journey of a rising Bollywood actor, know about Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth, Zaheer Iqbal age, his relationship status, etc.

Zaheer Iqbal’s early life

Zaheer Iqbal belongs to well well-reputed and known family, his family members have connections with great businessmen and Bollywood actors. Being in a well-mannered and brought-up family Zaheer is also a well-maintained and Well brought-up child.


Zaheer was good in his studies and paid equal attention to both paths, his interest was towards acting stating, that he wanted to become an actor from his school days.

Zaheer completed his post-graduation and graduation from a renowned college. His interest in acting was unbeatable, he used to take part in dramas and school fest to Enhance his acting skills. Even when he entered college he took part in the curricular activities.


When he was a child he had a great interest in badminton and table tennis as his father was inclined towards the sport too. As he grew up he started watching Bollywood movies and grew a passion to become an actor. His favourite actor is Salman Khan and he wants to achieve heights like him.

Zaheer Iqbal was good at studies but had more interest in an acting career, he has immense love for an acting career. He wanted to do Bollywood films and albums. Besides studying he used to take part in acting, dramas, etc.

His early interest in an acting career was noticed by the bhajan of the Indian Bollywood industry that is Salman khan, salman khan noticed him at the reception party of his sister and decided to cast him in his movies.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal family

Zaheer Iqbal’s parents are well-known personalities, his father is in a close relationship with Salman Khan which somewhere helped in Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth journey. Zaheer respects his dad and always puts his father’s name after his name, his name is Zaheer Iqbal Ratansi.


Zaheer Iqbal’s father, Iqbal Ratansi, is a renowned jeweler. Zaheer’s family is involved in the jewelry business, he loves to spend time with his family and often shares pictures with family members on social media.


Zaheer Iqbal’s Mother is a housewife, she supports him in each step of his life. His mother is a housemaker and well-mannered woman who taught traditions and behavioral ethics to their children.


Zaheer Iqbal’s siblings are also involved in business and the Bollywood industry, his sister is a celebrity stylist and his brother is a computer science engineer. Zaheer is the youngest child of his family and has grown up with love and affection.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal’s physical appearance

Zaheer Iqbal has an attractive personality, and his height, his body attract a lot of young girls and even boys. He has maintained himself a lot to be in the acting line, he follows a strict diet and regularly goes to gyms.

Zaheer Iqbal maintained himself through the gym and strict routines, his gym timing and hard work are unmatchable. He works to get that desired body, he does take cheat meals but maintains it by doing extra gym.


5 feet 9 inches, his height attracts a lot of youngsters, his height is the desired height of men. He looks smart and therefore gets to do modeling at many places for reputed brands.


Zaheer Iqbal’sl Weight is 80 kilograms, the weight is of bones and height, he is fit and fine to do acting.

Skin tone

Zaheer Iqbal is a fair-complex man, his skin and body reflects his passion for his acting career.


Zaheer Iqbal was born in late 1988, so as of now he is 35 years old, at such a young age he made a remarkable statement to search for that is Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth.

Eye color

Zaheer Iqbal eye color has a different fan base, his eye color is so unordinary and unique which attracts a lot of people toward him. Zaheer Iqbal’s eye color is Hazel green.

Hair color

Zaheer Iqbal’s natural hair color is black and, he does maltreatment which is necessary in the film industry to make unique and statement looks. His natural hair color is black, he has shiny black hair.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal age

Zaheer was born on the 10th of December 1988 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As of now, he is 35 years old(2024).

Zaheer Iqbal profession

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is involved in different activities that contribute e his net worth, he is an actor, a social media star, a model, and a celebrity. He enjoys his profession and wants to succeed in this path only. Due to his father’s good relationship with Salman Khan and his efforts, he got the opportunity to stand with Salman at a very young age.

Beginning of acting career

The actor, Zaheer Iqbal started his Bollywood career as an assistant director with Sohail Khan, brother of Salman Khan. In 2014, he started his acting journey as a director. Later in 2019, he got the chance to work with Salman Khan in the Salman Khan production. The project with which he stated his acting career was a love story. He gained confidence which gave his acting career a boost.

Zaheer Iqbal projects

Zaheer Iqbal is a passionate actor, who has done many serials, movies, interaction shows, etc. Zaheer has been seen in many interactive shows like the “Kapil Sharma Show “, and “Baba Ki Chowki “, in those shows he interacted and shared his future goals and plans and even discussed his favorites and interests

Movies by Zaheer Iqbal

  • Notebook – Zaheer Iqbal’s first Bollywood movie Salman Khan production was a Notebook, he performed as the main lead. This movie was about an ex-army officer, he played the character of a teacher. The movie was launched in early 2019 and was praised and liked by the audience.


  • Double XL – Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth coming movie is Double XL, he is the main lead. Zaheer has been seen maintaining himself for the movie, this movie is about the journey of two overweight girls from New Delhi.


  • Kisi ka bhai kisi ki Jaan – Zaheer played a role in the movie Salman Khan which is Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Jaan, this movie was about family harmony and tradition. He did the role with co-actors like Siddharth Nigam and many more.


  • Ruslaan – Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is going to be seen in the movie Ruslaan, he is seen in the character of a solid soldier soldier outfit that hugs his body because hair height, and physique. This movie will be released in theaters and on other platforms very soon.
Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Songs of zaheer Iqbal

Zaheer Iqbal is working on more album songs and has given many blockbuster songs like Ba Blockbuster with Sonakshi Sinha. Even the songs in his movie Notebook were liked by many like Nai Lagda, bumro, etc. Here is the list of some of the songs that did make a change in Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth.

  • Blockbuster – Zaheer Iqbal’s most famous song is Blockbuster, he performed with his girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha in this song. The song is composed and written by Ammy Virk and Asses Kaur and produced by dharma production. This song was a hit with 1.2 crore views and likes, this song became famous because people love to watch their chemistry.


  • Nai lagda – Nai lagda is one of the most loved songs of Zaheer Iqbal, this particular song was the most liked in the movie Notebook. Nai Lagda’s song gained 4.2 crore views and 5.6 lakh likes. This song was sung by Vishal Mishra and Asees Kaur, and produced by T-series.


  • Bumro – This particular song is from the movie Notebook, in which he performed the role of a teacher, bumro song was sung by Vishal Mishra. This song got 1.7 crore views and 1.6 lakh likes. This particular song is a remake version of the old bum song, but this song was a hit and did not gain criticism.


  • Safar – This particular song is one of the most liked songs of his movie, this song is composed and produced by the filmmaker of the movie Notebook. The Safar song was played at the time when he moved to a different place in search of the right information, this song has a different space in the audience’s mind.
Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal Relationship

Zaheer Iqbal’s relationship status is in the limelight, zaheer Iqbal is in a relationship with Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha. After the exposure of the relationship, gained more followers and fans. According to the news, Zaheer and Sonakshi are ready to tie the knot in June.

Zaheer Iqbal openly discloses about his relationship with the Bollywood sensational actress Sonakshi Sinha. Zaheer regularly posts pictures and videos with her, they go on vacation, spend time together, and share a special space in each other hearts.

Zaheer Iqbal posted pictures of Sonakshi Sinha his girlfriend on her birthday with a lovable message and Nick’s name. He calls his girlfriend by different names like Sona and Sonzz all these names are mentioned by him either through social media or in an interview.

About their relationship and marriage status, Sonakshi’s father that is Shatrudhan Sinha did not disclose anything, even adding that he also knows what the media knows. His father-in-law also stated that if they want to marry each other I and my wife do not have any issues, and we will give our blessings to our children.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal’s first interview with Sonakshi Sinha

Their first interview together was due to their album Sony which is a blockbuster that achieved millions of views and crores of likes. In this particular interview they showered a lot of interesting facts about their relationship, let us have a lot on the questions and answers of the interview. The interview title was “who is likely to ”

1. Who reacts on small in small things?
Zaheer Iqbal points towards his girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha and addresses that she likes to react to small and silly things which does not even make a change.

2 . Who is likely to start a fight?
In this question, Zaheer’s girlfriend pointed towards him and expressed that he started and initiated a fight. But it was corrected by Zaheer that he is not the one who initiates a fight it is his girlfriend who is always Interested in starting a fight for small things.

3. Who performs embarrassing tasks in front of all?
Zaheer pointed toward his girlfriend and said that she was only interested in performing embarrassing tasks, this was the fun round and the couple did not take it seriously. Later in the interview, Zaheer agreed that he is the one who performs embarrassing tasks in front of all and takes it casually.

4. Who is likely to be the love guru to the friend?
In this question, both he and his girlfriend pointed towards themselves that they like to be the love guru and give suggestions to their friends. Sonakshi his girlfriend added that people should listen to Zaheer’s love advice as he gives the perfect advice in love terms.

5 . Who is likely to get drunk at the party?
Zaheer’s girlfriend pointed toward him and acknowledged that she does not drink at all even though he does it on the limit. But as she did not drink a little bit he was the one who got drunk first in the party.

6. Who is likely to arrive late for the parties and meetings?
Zaheer on his own accepted that he was late and even gave an accurate reason for it, he said that he couldn’t say no to friends, and even if there were three meetings the same would go to each place which made him late to the parties.

7. Who is the one who resolves the fight?
Zaheer Makes her girlfriend point toward him, they mention that Zaheer is the one who resolves the problem after every fight. His sonakshi accepted the fact that he was the one who always came after the fight and started a conversation.

8. Who has a better fashion sense?
Zaheer and his girlfriend both pointed toward him, his girlfriend mentioned that he likes his fashion sense and clothing styles. Zaheer later confessed that he liked the fashion sense of his girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha.

9. Who is the one who cries after the fight?
Zaheer said that his girlfriend is the one who used to cry after a fight, Zaheer girlfriend is a crybaby in a relationship.

10. Who is the one who hides the relationship?
Zaheer said that his girlfriend is the one who likes to hide relationships from people, his girlfriend likes to be in a private relationship.

11. Are they a blockbuster couple?
They did not agree that they were in a relationship but confessed as best friends, they said that they were a blockbuster couple as best friends.

12. Who is most likely to flirt?
His girlfriend pointed towards him and she added that she ghosts out the people she does want to talk to.

Zaheer Iqbal’s favorite: food, sweets, actor, singer

Zaheer has a wide variety of tastes in each aspect. Let us have a view of the favorites of a handsome Indian actor.


Zaheer Iqbal loves to eat nonvegetarian food chicken, mutton, fish, etc. His love for nonveg food is incredible, but he follows a strict diet as diet is very important in an actor’s life. Actors need to be fit to get roles and positions.


Zaheer in an interview stated that he loves to eat Indian sweets, his favorite Indian sweets are Kaju Katli (sweet made up of cashew) and moti choor ke laddo. He loves to eat both sweets and can even eat a whole packet of these in a day.


Zaheer Iqbal’s favorite Bollywood actor is Salman Khan, he has adored Salman Khan since childhood. He wanted to become a copy of Salman Khan and followed his path and rules to get success. He has been seen with Salman Khan several times, they even have childhood pictures. He takes advice from Salman Khan about how to boost or gear up the topic that is Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal’s favorite actress is Deepika Padukone, he loves her acting skills, physical appearance, and behavior. He even likes Sonakshi Sinha as an actress in the Bollywood industry.


Zaheer’s favorite singer is Armaan Malik, he is a well-known popular international singer. Armaan Malik is famous for his love songs.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth lifestyles

Zaheer Iqbal’s lifestyle was nice even before his career in acting as his father is a famous jeweler and businessman. After the start of his acting career, he made his resources like a house and car which have separate spaces in each heart.

Zaheer Iqbal has an interest in buying a car, he has a BMW car worth 3 crores, and his interest in cars and bikes is sis things else. He wants to invest his money in cars as he is fond of cars and bikes. His dream is to add a collection of cars and bikes to his showroom.

Zaheer’s shortest interview: 59 seconds with curly tails

In this interview, he interviewed while having sweets in his mouth. In this interview, he has answered the most common questions about him. Let us have a look at the questions and their answers

1. Is double XL the best gift of this year?
This question was about his coming movie, he answered yes Double XL is the most lovable gift of this year. He loves to work in the acting line and will give his best to achieve success.

2. Does he prefer dating apps?
Even after being in a relationship with a Bollywood celebrity, he said yes he believes in dating websites and said that sometimes dating websites can also provide soulmates.

3. What is the most unused app on his phone?
He answered that accurately, he said that all the apps are wasted on his phone as he does not use his phone much, and does not pay much attention to his mobile phone.

4. With whom he like to do screen share?
Zaheer confessed that he loves to do screen share with his friends and family.

5. What is his favorite Indian desert?
Zaheer loves to eat Katy Katli and moti choor ke laddu, he added that he can eat as much as provided to him.

6. What is the plan for Diwali?
He mentioned that he would chill with his girlfriends Sonakshi (Sona) and Huma. He calls his girlfriend Sona which shows their relationship status.

Marriage Rumours: Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi

Zaheer and Sonakshi are in a love relationship, they have caught spending vacations together. Their relationship was top secret, they never disclosed about their relationship but have been seen spending time together.

As per the details it is estimated that they are going to tie the knot on 23 June, but it is not officially announced by the couple. It has been found that their wedding card has the notation ” The rumors are correct”. Their wedding is going to be full of fun, the guest list will contain parents, close friends, and co-actors.

The first meeting of the couple

They had their first meeting at the Eid party hosted by our bhaijaan, Salman Khan. Through the party, they got to know each other and gave rise to the love angle. After some time they gave a couple of entries in the party which bloomed everyone’s mind. Their meeting was unexpected, their unexpected meeting is going to turn into a happy marriage life.

Recognition by people

Her video of riding a bike went viral on social media, people predicted that she was riding a bike of Zaheer, which gave rise to the building of rumors and controversy related to them. Later they were seen together at many wedding receptions and parties, they were seen together at the wedding reception of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s family member. All the actions together confirmed their relationship status.


Their relationship status was made official when Zaheer’s girlfriend Sonakshi posted a story, wishing him a birthday with lovable quotes, she also pinned a heartwarming line that made their relationship official to all.

Recently her girlfriend was even seen on the reality show Comedy Nights with Kapil, which features the main guest as Heeramandi ladies. The show host Kapil asked her about her marriage plans and added when getting married her age group had recently tied up, her reply specified that she wanted to.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Relationship between Zaheer Iqbal and Salman Khan

Zaheer and Salman Shares sweet bonded, Zaheer’s dad and Salman were on good deep terms from the past which made an impact on Zaheer life too. He got to opportunity to stand with Salman and learn from him, salman always appreciated and invoked confidence in him.
Salman and Zaheer have spent time together since when Zaheer was a child, he used to visit him and let him know about the Bollywood industry. Salman helped him to make his career in the film industry.

Throwback to the time when Salman’s sister got married, Zaheer attended that reception party and got caught up by Salman Khan. Zaheer was dancing at the party which caught the attention of people, salman decided to give him a chance and offered him a movie to do an entry in.

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is around 1-2 crores, he has made his journey in the acting Profession with lots of hard work and passion. He had done many daily soap commercials, shows, etc.

Lesser known facts about Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth

1. Zaheer Iqbal said that he does not blindly follow fashion trends, he loves to wear straight-fit jeans.

2. Zaheer in an interview disclosed that one piece of clothing that he had worn for the longest period was his red shorts(pants).

3. Zaheer Iqbal nationality is Indian and by caste, he belongs to a Muslim family. Even after being Muslim, he loves to celebrate Indian festivals like Diwali.

4. Salman Khan played an important role in the journey of Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth, Salman Khan watched him from childhood and admired him to make his debut in the movies.

5. Earlier he tried his best to hide his relationship with famous Bollywood star Sonakshi Sinha, but their love stories were scattered all over. After some time they started sharing pictures and started arriving together at the parties.

6. Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is in crores which is going to increase exponentially as he has signed to many projects, he will be seen in many album songs and movies in the future.

7. Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi Sinha relationship rumors started when they were seen together at the Eid party and reception party at the Sanjay Leela Bhansali house, earlier they used to deny their relationship but now they accept it.

8. On his birthday, he loves to celebrate it with family members and his girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha. He loves to spend time with family and friends. He does not want an expensive place but instead wants a family.

9 . Instagram of Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is iamzahero.


Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth
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Zaheer Iqbal is an actor, model, and social media star. Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is proof of his hardworking nature and early success. He had an interest in an acting career from a very young age, he used to take part in and practice drama to boost his acting skills. Zaheer Iqbal got his first Bollywood movie of Salman production in 2019, later he performed an album song with his girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha.

His relationship is going to the next stage, it is expected that he will marry his girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha on 23 June 2024. Their wedding list will include family members and co-actors, and all the actors are requested to get ready for the night. Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is in crores, he earns through various platforms like movies, songs, social media, etc.

Frequently asked questions about Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth

1. What is the profession of Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth?

Zaheer Iqbal is an Indian actor, social media star, and model, he loves to act and has been seen in many interactive shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, baba, and Baba ki chowki.

2. What is the relationship status of Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth ?

Zaheer Iqbal is in a relationship with Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha and the news is getting viral they are going to tie the knot on 23 June, 2024.

3. Who is Zaheer Iqbal’s Father?

Zaheer Iqbal’s father, Iqbal Ratansi, is a businessman, and his profession is jewelry. His father is a well-renowned jeweler and has a great business in the same.

4. What is zaheer Iqbal Net Worth?

Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth is in crores, which he earns through various factors. His net worth will be boosted as he works on many movies and projects.

5. What is the connection between Zaheer Iqbal and Salman Khan?

Zaheer Iqbal and Salman Khan share a special bond, they have known each other since childhood. Zaheer Iqbal’s father and Salman Khan share a special bond which makes rise to Zaheer Iqbal and Salman Khan’s bond.

6. What is the profession of the Zaheer Iqbal family?

Zaheer Iqbal’s family is involved in the jewelry business, his siblings are the earning factor of the family. Zaheer’s sister is a celebrity stylist and his brother is a software engineer.

7. What is the age of Zaheer Iqbal?

Zaheer Iqbal was born in 1988, as of the year 2024 he is now 35 years old.

8. What is the debut movie of Zaheer Iqbal?

Zaheer Iqbal debuted with Notebook, in which he played the role of main character that is of a teacher, he did act well in the movie. This movie was by the Salman Khan production house.

9. What is the forthcoming film of Zaheer Iqbal?

Zaheer Iqbal is working on the movie Double XL, this movie is going to boost his career, and Zaheer Iqbal Net Worth will get a boost too.

10. When Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi Sinha is going to marry?

As per the details, they are going to tie their know on 23 June 2024. The wedding card has been made with the quotation Thee rumors are correct”.


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