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Sparsh Bhowmick, an 11-year-old, class 5 student has developed his very own website on space-related topics. This website — — delivers all the latest news on various space missions at one point.

Sparsh Bhowmick said he loves space and wishes to learn anything and everything about space, and he even dream to be an astronaut one day. That is also another motive he created this blog. He also likes movies connected to Space like Martian and Star Wars.

Let’s Explore Space was created by Sparsh Bhowmick because there is a lot of stuff we humans are doing to explore space. But when he expected to read about these, he couldn’t find a single reference of information that tells me all about a mission.

To collect even the smallest information, a full video of 8-10 minutes is required to be watched, that is why Sparsh appeared with this platform where people can get detailed data on space missions in just one minute of reading time.

Sparsh Bhowmick developed this space website from scratch – receiving some introductory tips from his friends and family and then analyzing resources from the internet.

Sparsh invested Rs.550 from the prize money he earned for winning a current drawing competition to buy the domain name.

It was his way of proudly saying that his investment is fully self-funded. His parents appreciate his passion further and introduced him to more advanced topics like web analytics and search engine optimization.

He perennial tracks his site’s achievement and works on specialized improvements in addition to blog content.

Sparsh Bhowmick’s love for space:

Source: indiatoday

Space science has constantly been very near to his heart. He observes international news on the topic and has an autonomous standpoint on the developments.

Periodically, Sparsh gets into tremendous technical details that it is hard to even for his parents to keep up with him on the numbers and facts.

Sparsh was heartbroken when Chandrayaan-2 mission with the rover Vikram failed to land on the moon.

He, however, felt an intense sense of gratitude towards the Chairman of ISRO, K Sivan, for directing an enterprising space mission from India at a portion of the cost compared to western space agencies.

Sparsh Bhowmick even wrote a heartfelt letter to Sivan conveying his gratitude and comfort. Sparsh is optimistic that ISRO will lead the world to novel space research with responsibility for low-cost space exploration.

Sparsh’s interest about science and space has been strengthened by his teachers at Greenwood High who constantly motivate him to color outside the lines.

With the experiential understanding that he receives at school, he is supposed to expand his knowledge and express himself willingly. In a recent school exhibition, he selected fire as the fuel-enabling space quest and framed a model of ISRO PSLV rocket.

Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High said that she is delighted with Sparsh’s talent. It is crucial to be immersed in an activity that is both productive and creative especially during the lockdown when there is a lot of time in hand.

She further added that his effort is worth imitating and she would like to observe more students doing this. Greenwood High has always motivated creative efforts and will continue with that belief.

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