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Yaara will be a colossal disappointment to you if you are an audience who likes to watch something which makes sense. After the initial moments, the movie will become nothing less than torture for you. Scene after scene, the movie starts getting on your nerves. There are unnecessary song and dance sequences which will make you wonder why on earth are you watching this mindless movie.

Yaara is a remake of the French Film A Gang Story which narrates the story of four gang members who are orphans. Whatever crime exists in the underworld, you name them, bootlegging, smuggling, arms trafficking, they do it all.

Phagun (Vidyut Jammwal), Rizwan (Vijay Varma), Mitwa (Amit Sadh), and Bahadur (Kenny Basumatary). The story of the orphanage is only narrated by Mitwa and Phagun and not the others. The entire narration is done using a flashback technique, but it is only for namesake. At times, the writer probably forgets that they are using this technique since there are long sequences where the plot goes on in the flashback.

The mention of social issues like the Naxal movement, caste atrocities, corruption in the system, and sexual violence, all have been used in a tokenistic way. Tighmanshu Dhulia really disappoints the viewer after his movies like Paan Singh Tomar. He barely touches upon the serious topics and moves past them. Therefore, a lasting impression could not be made on the audience.

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The gang moves towards supplying arms to the leftist rebels and hence dooms their fate. This little outing of theirs makes them end up in jail. Once they serve their terms, the three friends Bahadur, Phagun, and Bahadur turn businessmen while Mitwa disappears. He returns years later and turns the lives of his friends’ upside down.

The Chowkdi gang has their friendship intact and the three friends start plotting plans to help their friend Mitwa. A romance angle is forced between Phagun and Sukanya (Shruti Hassan). Even in the romance angle, there is no linearity, suddenly they fall in love, suddenly everything happens.

The police in Yaara is probably just like a mannequin because there are very few scenes where the police are actually seen doing something. They only know how to brutally torture suspected Naxalites and nothing else. The movie attempts at exposing the corrupt and cruel side of the police force in India but again fails at it.

There are certain parts where the writer attempts at touching the journey of India from a state which had got its independence recently to a post-liberalization economy which has problems of its own. But again, not much time is spent on these plots.

Yaara movie review
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There are also several references to the smuggling business going on between India and Nepal by local goons. Illicit liquor and arms are smuggled across the borders of the countries.

While watching the movie, you will constantly feel this lack of purpose for whatever is happening on the screen. The lack of dialogues, non-linear narration, and the irregular screenplay makes it a confusing watch.

The biggest problem in Yaara is that the writer has tried to incorporate all the elements to make a perfect masala Bollywood movie, but ends up making a hotch-potch. The attempt at making the plot wholesome has deprived it if feelings.

Yaara is supposed to be a movie based on friendship, but the betrayal seems better than the lack of friendship shown n the screen. To be honest, there are no actual scenes in the movie which will make you realize that the friendship strengthened from here, apart from the scenes of childhood.

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The acting was not very impressive either. All the actors seem to be doing it just for the sake of doing it and nothing else. No powerful performances are derived from any of the actors which again contributes to the dullness of the movie.

The cinematography of Yaara is good, it shows the actual rusty images of rural India.

The screenplay of the movie is very poor. There is no continuity which will irk you to boredom. The lack of impressive action in the three-fourth parts of the movie will also get on your nerves. The editing is also haphazard which does not provide any help to the already-sinking ship of Yaara.


The choice of alpha male brooding characters in the movie and double-meaning Hindi dialogues gives it a masculine contour which is not desirable to anyone.


Zee5 has been giving out great movies like Chintu ka Birthday and many more, but this recent venture has proved to worthless. With a better plot and better performances derived out of the actors, this movie could have been at least bearable. But if you decide to give a miss to Yaara, you will not be losing out on a lot.
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