Kirori Mal College is established in 1954. It is a North Campus college of Delhi University. Kirori Mal College is set amidst the sprawling A leading center of learning and growth, it has been accredited as an A+ institution by the National Assessment Accreditation Council {NAAC}. it has achieved all heights of excellence and is counted in one of the topmost colleges in India.

Alumni of Kirori Mal College

There are a lot of notable alumni who graduated from KMC and achieved remarkable success, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Rawi Baswani, Mr. Shakti Kapoor, Mr. Satish Kaushik, Mr. Divyendu Sharma, Mr. Kabir Khan, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, are some names in the never-ending list.

The Round table Kirori Mal college

Along with providing the best opportunities in academics, the college also has different student-led societies to enable the whole scholastic development of students. KMC has societies associated with drama, debate, music, fine arts, etc.
The Round table Kirori Mal college
The Round Table is an inter-disciplinary society, playing its part in facilitating holistic growth, and promoting rich academic and extra-curricular ethos amongst students. It stands true to the spirit of its motto ‘ Dialogue Across Disciplines’. The society conducts a wide array of events, ranging from keynote addresses by prominent personalities, panel discussions, and research projects, to competitions and social drives, along with Kirori Mal College Model United Nations.

Since its inception, The Round Table has been graced by the most diverse variety of eminent scholars and distinguished voices including, Dr. Hamid Ansari, former Vice – President of India; Mrs. Meira Kumar, former Speaker of the Lok Sabha; noted journalists, Mr. Ashutosh, Mr. Rajat Sharma, and Ms. Sonal Kalra; Ms. Ira Singhal, first differently-abled woman to secure AIR-1 in UPSC; Sejal Kumar, Youtuber, influencer; Raj Shamani, noted TEDx speaker; Darsheel Safary, Actor; Dr. Seema Gaur, Chief Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Rural Development; Mr.Nelson Vinod Moses, Mental Health advocate and a known TEDx speaker and RJ RAUNAC, a renowned Radio Jockey to name a few.

In the academic year, 2019-2020, the society sticking on its motive raised the bar by undertaking several issues and ideas and bringing them to one single platform. The Round Table took an initiative to present the burning issues around the world over a single platform and introduced TRT Talks on 6th September 2019. Several issues like Amazon forest fires, US-China trade war were brought under light through this. Standing high on our motto of dialogue across disciplines, the society organized a one-day event- Spectrum: See Beyond the Obvious on 4th October 2019 which revolved around the issues of LGTQI+ community and raising awareness about mental health. The set beliefs were reconstructed when Mr. Nelson Vinod Moses, Ms. Pallavi Srivastava, and Ms. Aditi Arora graced the panel of raising awareness about mental health and Kaushal Bodwal, Amrita Sarkar and Pavleen Gujral raised issues of the LGTQI+ community. A flagship competition- Kalyug enhanced the above topics and took the participants through the roads of creativity and challenges.

The annual mega-events of the year- Intellosphere and Kirori Mal College Model United Nations: 4th Edition- were structured from 30th January to 1st February 20, 2020. Intellosphere’20 that was conducted from 30th January 2020 – 31st January 2020 aimed at connecting students and adolescents with the theme of Different Shades of Entertainment Industry. The audience was left incomplete astonishment when Mr. Pranav Misra, Ms. Shraddha Gurung, Ms. Shefali Bagga, and Mr. Aviral Gupta unfolded the hidden spots of the entertainment industry. On the second day, on one side where a Vlogger’s meet was organized which was graced by expertises like Ms. Sarah Hussain, Ms. Asmita Arora and Ms. Nitibha Kaul who dispensed the power of social media and its influence on today’s world whereas on the other side the 4th edition of Kirori Mal College Model United Nations was being held. The opening ceremony witnessed Mr. Kanwal Sibal as chief guest.

All about TRT Training

TRT Training is a new initiative that the society has initiated. The initiative includes a plan for conducting various workshops and training sessions throughout the year. These workshops and sessions are aimed to help participants learn various skill sets and improve them. Considering the situation right now, the whole world is going through a pandemic and because of that students are facing numerous difficulties in reaching out to the opportunities to improve their skill set. The Round Table Society believes that this is a golden time that can be used to develop and learn new skills and this is why The Round Table Society came up with the concept of TRT Training so that they can help students make full use of this golden time that they have. The society will be conducting workshops and training sessions on various academic and co-curricular topics like training for Model United Nations, the importance and procedure for CV building, creative writing, etc. The society aims to provide an ideal platform that gives the young leaders of tomorrow an opportunity to improve their diplomatic skills and develop a greater understanding of the world. This new initiative aims to expand its reach throughout various parts of the country with the help of an online platform so that they can help students from all parts of the country learn something new.

Public Speaking and Model United Nations training workshop

As the initial step in this journey, society is going to organize a Public Speaking and Model United Nations training workshop from July 23, 2020- July 25, 2020. This workshop is the first one under TRT Training and society aims to make it a special one. Students from all parts of the country can register for the workshop. The workshop will give you a chance to bring out the potential public speaker in you, learn all about how a MUN works, the research, and the presentation and get the confidence of public speaking.

Eligibility for workshop

This workshop is for school students studying in class 8-12.

The workshop includes:-

This workshop aims at inculcating skills like public speaking, diplomacy, debating, and leadership in coming future generations. It includes providing interesting worksheets to the participants, expert Q and A sessions, interactive learning, and certificates of completion from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi.




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