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A big question and confusion lie in the fact if India will ban Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. India has set up some Intermediary Guidelines for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hence, failing to comply with the guidelines set by the Indian government will lead to this Ban. However, Indian citizens are going crazy over the issue and there prevails an environment of confusion and havoc on what will happen next.

The government’s verdict on Ban Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other apps:

The Indian government had already set the deadline of 25th May 2021 to accept the guidelines. However, no social media platforms including the very famous WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have agreed to the new intermediary guidelines yet. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITy) had given a time duration of three months to these social media companies. Also, this was done in February 2021 and now the deadline to comply with the IT rules is expired. So, the government might ban Twitter and other social media platforms.

Crucial moment as India may ban Twitter and other apps tomorrow:

All those social media companies who didn’t agree to the rules will lose their status and protections. Also, as per Indian laws intermediaries and criminal actions can possibly be taken against them. The Indian government cleared that they might take legal actions.

In response, all the US-based social media companies have asked for a six-month extended time. Hence, they are yet to get a response from their US headquarters. A spokesperson from occurring says, “We look forward to complying with all guidelines. Also, any arising issue will be discussed with the government.” Facebook is constantly working to implement operational processes and also improve efficiency.


New rules for OTT platforms:

As per MEITy’s new rules, all social media platforms are bound to appoint compliance officers from India. Hence, these officers will look into complaints, monitor all content, and remove some, if necessary. Thus, these rules are liable for OTT platforms only.



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