Gopal from Bhagalpur

Gopal from Bhagalpur, a 19-year-old B.Tech student from Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Has received an offer from NASA, the US space agency. He has also patented two of his inventions. He has also received invitations to 30 startups from 10 countries but wants to do something big for his country. He was also invited by the American president Donald Trump but he was stuck on his decision.

Gopal from Bhagalpur is not just an explorer but also a researcher and a motivational speaker. He has also patented his discovery involving banana leaves and paper bio cells. Coming from an economically weaker family, the youth studied in a government school. But poverty did not let the dreams come in the way. He was awarded the Inspire Award in the 10th grade. The award was given for the discovery of making electricity from idle banana leaves. Gopal met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in August 2017. It was a 10-minute meeting. But after this, as if the star of his luck shone.

The motive of creating 100 Searchers
Gopal has also invented the confidential light, which can also tolerate the maximum temperature. He has turned down offers from NASA. This young explorer will complete his Ph.D. in the next five years. He is currently completing his B.Tech from Dehradun. Their aim is to create 100 young explorers.

Met Prime Minister Modi
After meeting Gopal from Bhagalpur, the Prime Minister, I was sent directly to the Department of Science and Technology. From there I was sent to the National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad. Where I invented 3-4. That’s where I started getting offers from abroad. The first offer came to me after my banana leaf search.


Gopal’s unique experiments; Made hair dye from electricity and banana liquid from waste paper

-Paper Bio Cell- Electricity from waste paper.

-Goponium Alloy – It does not change its appearance on any heat. Many elements were used in it. It can also be used in the sun.

-G Star Powder- By applying it, the heat of 5000 degrees Celsius can be achieved.

-Hydro-Electric Bio Cell – This device can store 50 thousand volts of electricity.
Solar Mile- It is made by combining solar energy and wind energy. Power can be stored even when the wind moves at a speed of 2 km.

Gopalasaka – will reduce radiation born of a nuclear attack. Now within 5 years, its effect will be eradicated. Whereas the radiation of nuclear attack lasts for a hundred years.-

BANANA NANO FIBER AND CRYSTAL- Made nanofiber from the banana thumb. It made gels. This will make diaper products. A bulletproof jacket can be made from fiber. Banana leaves can be used to make tissue paper, file covers, and cartons. The liquid can make hair dye. Applying it once will make the hair black forever. Bricks will be made from the banana thumb. The houses built from this will float on water. AC will not be needed in summer. Electric batteries have been made from a liquid that is ten times more powerful.

-Biodegradable Plastic – Biodegradable plastic is made from a banana thumb. After using it, it will automatically become compostable. It can be used in the fields.




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