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Kapil Sibal slammed the Universities for deliberately putting students’ lives in danger. Also, he asked them to provide “provisional degrees” to last year’s students.

All India Professionals Congress (AIPC) has organized a webinar on the topic “exams in a pandemic”.  In Friday’s webinar session, a feasibility analysis of Universities’ exam conduction took place. 

Many eminent personalities from the education department joined the webinar. Former UGC Minister Kapil Sibal and Ex-Chairman of UGC Sukhdeo Thorat also expressed their views over this burning issue. In addition to them, former VC of AMU, NSUI President, and other coordinators also presented their thoughts on the same.

In the wake of the pandemic, several universities have decided to take examinations for last year’s students. The University of Delhi has also announced the OBE method for the conduction of exams. This has put great stress on the students’ minds.

Ex- UGC Minister Kapil Sibal put forth a number of reasons to scrap the examination.  He asserted that the “heart of the democracy is shattered”.  Adding further he said, students, are the future of our country and why the University wants to risk the future?  When nobody is going out due to the COVID fear,  why we compel our kids to hazard their life? Moreover, he said, universities do not have empathy for their students.

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    Survey Reveals the truth

Sukhdeo Thorat,  former HRD Chairman,  told that a survey was held in the year 2019, which indicated that merely 15% of rural and 42% urban people have computers. Out of which, only 7% rural crowd have access to proper internet connectivity.

Sibal also put forward a survey conclusion,  held by the University of Hyderabad.  In the survey,  we came to know that however 90% of students have mobile phones but only 30%  could access online classes.

If the current scenario is so pathetic,  how can one go for an Online alternative to hold examinations, Sibal added.

  • Domino Effect –  the danger of contagious virus 

Some universities,  despite rising cases, have announced the offline exam schedule. This can lead to fatal consequences. Karnataka recently had exams and students were found corona positive,  this could be an ultimatum for universities who are planning an offline exam, said AIPC head.

Kapil also added in this and interrogated if the parliament is not open for discussion,  so why they are asking students to move to their respective colleges.

  • Uncertainty over students’ future

The AIPC head said there is a big question mark over students’ future. Many universities are holding exams in September. Due to this,  the results would be disclosed in December.  The full academic year of students can go in vain.

This will give birth to multiple problems regarding their higher education and will limit job opportunities.


  • Provide Provisional Degree

To deal with numerous issues regarding the academic calendar. The universities should provide provisional degrees to the final year students. Later,  they can take exams when the situation normalizes.

Many Universities like Punjab and IITs have also decided to award pass certificates to the final year students on the basis of prior semester results.


  • Universities, independent to take its own decision 

Kabil emphasized that UGC releases ‘advisory guidelines’ and not ‘mandatory guidelines’. As per the norms, they can independently make a decision.  UGC advised them to take 3rd years’  exams till September. However,  if the university Authority disliked the idea, it has the power to skip it as well.

So, the universities should take the decision which is best for its students.



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