who is shweta meme girl

No one knows what might become the next social media trend. Currently, the ‘Shweta Meme Girl’ is hitting various social media platforms. Countless memes have been continuously shared by people with the enigmatic ‘Shweta’ name.

If Binod was viral in 2020, Shweta is giving a tough competition to him in 2021. All around Indian Internet, we can see the memes related to “Shweta”. Even its list on the top of Twitter trending. You might be thinking who is ‘Shweta Meme Girl’ and what did she do that made her go viral on social media.

” Who is Shweta Meme Girl” –  Unveiling the mysterious trendsetter

In a leaked Zoom call of an online class where a girl named Shweta missed to mute her mic. While that is one mistake all of us have engaged in the course of last year, it was her private discussion with a friend that went public and got people’s interest online.

In the video going viral, the girl proceeds to share some private details of a boy, who had asked her to keep it private. Other batch mates even tried to tell her about the unmute mic but of no use.

Not only did the audio of the zoom call went viral across social media platforms from YouTube to Instagram, but it also accelerated a hilarious meme-fest online. People are also cracking jokes on how there is always “Shweta” in a group.

However, the dialogues didn’t just end with memes and jokes or sharing the viral audio clip. Moreover, the trend has started into Zoom app’s review page as well. On Google Play Store, there are hundreds of reviews by Indian users who are now providing 1 star to the app with hashtag #JusticeForShweta.


Although there is no source of origination, surely all the Shweta-named girls are now part of laughter and jokes.





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