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Which Colour Do You See? Is It Green And Grey Or Pink And White? Here’s The Reason

So there is an interesting thing to discover related to colours. Isn’t it something interesting to know that different people observe different colours of the same object. And it is still left to be known that what is the actual color of it. On account of this situation, there are some examples to clarify what are the things in which we can observe these facts. Do these things are just imaginary or they have some logical reason behind it? Which Colour Do You See in these both photos?

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The very first time we discovered this fact was in the dress. Some people observed the dress to be of white and golden colour while some observed it to be of blue and black. Still, it needs to be known that what is the actual colour of the dress. Now the same misconception is observed in the shoe. The actual colour of the shoe is pink and white but observers are seeing it in grey and green colour. There are some reasons due to which this Difference is seen.

Which Colour do You See?

Which Colour Do You See?

1. White balance:

It is a feature that is known to many photographers and editors. Which Colour Do You See? Whenever a photograph is clicked, it is not necessary that the actual colours are seen in the photograph also. It ultimately depends upon the environment. There are many colour casts. So white balance refers to removing the colours casts from a photo so that an object that is physically white, appears to be white in the photo. If the colours temperature is cool, it means that there will be more blue complexions in the photo and if the colour temperature is warm, there will be more yellow complexions. The dress is appearing blue with the colour casts, hut after the white balance it may appear to be white.

2. Screen Manipulation:

There are many more variety of factors like lightning, phone/ computer screen display, brains interception and type of sight. It is obvious to say that the picture you are seeing on your phone or computer screen has manipulated the colours. It is a logical concept to understand that the screens are made up of the combination of many colours and it depicts the customers the best version of the photograph. those colours are in different proportions so that customers can get the best display.

3. Brain theory:

This colour interception can also be understood with our brains. It is not compulsory that everyone’s brain works similarly. Our brains take into account the colours of these pictures. The brain has a sort to choose. It specifically depends upon the dominant part. It the left part is dominant, people will see the shoe in pink and white colour. It the right part is dominant, people will see the shoe in grey and green colours.

MUCH MORE TO GO: There are many more reasons to discover why is it happening to be different. But, it was a bit interesting theory to learn about the different shades of colours.

~ Kanika Khatri

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