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For thousands of Delhi University students who’ve been waiting for news about college reopening and physical classes, the anticipation is finally over. After a confusing and unpredictable 2020, students are looking forward to some semblance of normality as they come back to pursue higher education in Delhi’s premier colleges. Though there is an equal measure of anxiety: the study pressure created by a compromised academic session, searching for a place that can be a safe anchor in the midst of a pandemic and more.

If we look at the student accommodation ecosystem in the city, both on-campus operators and private rental options are facing challenges in addressing questions around community health. On one hand, we have the college authorities who’ve been working round the clock to figure student safety on campus and in hostels. This is especially tough, considering the limited physical infrastructure (rooms) at their disposal as compared to the student demand. They are also facing the additional burden of pandemic-proofing their services and living arrangements as much as possible. On the other hand, there are private establishments (PGs, local hostels, flats etc) who must equally score high on standards of hygiene, quality and comfort that they deliver.

Student living situations can’t be a shoddy compromise. Not in normal times. And definitely not in the middle of a pandemic. That’s where a professionally managed accommodation player like Stanza Living perfectly fits in.

How so?

Through its first-of-its kind COVID-Combat Ready Operations framework, for starters. Each property in Stanza Living’s 15-city network has been primed to be a fortified, comfortable, and hygienic living space. For tens of thousands of students and parents, this means having a comforting answer for ‘where to stay when you move to a new city in the midst of a pandemic’.


Today, students from many premiere colleges in the country are actively booking or extending their stay with Stanza Living. On the back of this trust and love, Stanza Living has become the largest managed accommodation network across the country. There can’t be a bigger stamp of approval.

If all these things aren’t enough to convince you, let us give you the facts that can help you make an informed decision:

Clean & hygienic environment is something Stanza Living swears by. Across their multiple properties in Delhi they take responsibility for the health and hygiene of residents and staff and have adopted multiple protocols. From thermal monitoring at all entry/ exit points to the sanitation of high touch points like lifts, doors, etc., they have got everything covered. To avoid dependence on external vendors and mitigate the possibility of infection exposure through third-party interactions, they also have dedicated in-house staff at the properties. Add to these the social distancing advisories that are practiced religiously (reduced occupancy per building, appropriate living space per room, staggered usage of common areas) and you know they prioritize everyone’s safety.

Uninterrupted services: While easy access to services like housekeeping, internet, laundry will create normalcy for students and allow them to address their daily living needs, the one aspect that needs to continue uninterrupted is food. The lockdown left many local PG/hostel providers scrambling to continue food services as usual, tiffin providers came under scrutiny and consumers were left fairly high and dry. At this time, Stanza Living strengthened their offerings to deliver food prepared in FSSAI-licensed kitchens, kept a sharp eye on kitchen hygiene, monitored the health of service staff and even launched innovative measures like contactless dining and pre-booked meal service to reduce human contact. If your accommodation provider can’t adapt to service you in difficult times, maybe you should be looking at another place to stay.


Vibrant and cosy spaces: It’s the people you stay with who make a place feel like home. But that’s hardly going to be the case if the place you stay in doesn’t look habitable to start with. And we don’t mean having just four sturdy walls and a roof qualifies to be called home. A little effort in the form of thoughtful design that factors in aspects like warmth and vibrancy, space planning and furnishing is a good point to start. Add to this cheery colour schemes, comfortable furniture, balance of private and community areas and you are already well on the way of creating a home. These things are a basic aspect of every Stanza Living building, in any part of the country. So, wherever you go, you are on familiar grounds.

Students migrating to Delhi are in for a year of tougher adjustments as everyone struggles to regain normalcy. And while all students are affected alike, the plight of migrant female students is brought into sharper focus. As is, demand for quality accommodation options far outstrips the supply available in the city. Even historically, this has impacted parental willingness to send their daughters to the city for accessing better education opportunities. Now, more than ever, the need for a safe girls PG in Delhi is an imperative.

A leading managed accommodation provider like Stanza Living can deliver the best residential arrangements for students across the board. They were among the first operators to focus on creating COVID-proof services. And they continue to invest heavily in improving safety standards and prioritizing consumer comfort. This is in contrast to smaller, local operators who might find it difficult to sustain business: a fact that s brutally came to light during the first few months of the pandemic when many had to limit services or shut down operations, leaving residents stranded.

When students move to the city to start an independent life all these will be important factors in making a decision about one’s place to stay. We are sure that students moving to Delhi will find a welcome option with Stanza Living this year.


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