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Whatsapp India, one of the most famous instant messaging app throughout the country. The app has recently banned 3 Million accounts in the last 46 days across India. The platform, Whatsapp revealed the actual numbers in the monthly compliance report.
The accounts, banned for a period of one and a half months from June 16 – July 31. And, within accordance with new IT rules 2021 in the country.
WhatsApp has published its 2 monthly reports over a brief period of 46 days from 16 July till 31 July. In a statement by WhatsApp, the company has clarified that around 30,27,000 Indian accounts got banned by the company during the brief 46 days period.
A WhatsApp spokesperson said, To keep the users of the platform safe. The company has invested consistently in artificial Intelligence along with the state of the art technology, experts, data scientists, and processes. Just to keep the platform as well as its users safe, he added.

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Here are the six steps how WhatsApp’s A.I. identifies and banned – 



STEP 1. WhatsApp identifies an Indian account using their Phone numbers.

WhatsApp India identifies its Indian users using the set code which is used in Indian Phone numbers i.e. +91

STEP 2. Reasons to ban these accounts

According to the reports, WhatsApp received 594 user reports, 134 spanning reports, 316 ban appeals, 64 product support 34 safety, and 45 other support requests from the users between 16 June to 31 July.

STEP 3.  WhatsApp “Accounts Actioned” explained.

WhatsApp has defined accounts actioned as the cases where the firm takes actions based on the report. During the brief 46 days, the period around 74 accounts were actioned.
Taking action means to either block those accounts or either the accounts that were previously blocked get restored due to the report.

STEP 4. Identifying accounts, when the messages are end to end Encrypted

The company initially looks at the reports against each account and for other accounts, the platform works on the behavioral signals. This is to identify those who misuse the platforms for false Information.
WhatsApp says they work on these issues with unencrypted information which includes profile photo, status, and the About information. They use advanced AI tools to use unencrypted information even including group descriptions and photos.
They are used to detect and prevent abuse on WhatsApp.

STEP 5. Why is WhatsApp reporting the numbers?

According to the new IT rules, social media platforms need to publish their compliance report every month. And, these reports need to define the numbers of complaints received and the action taken against them, every month.

STEP 6. 8 Million accounts banned per month globally

On average around 8 million accounts are banned every month around the world to prevent abuse on WhatsApp alone.
WhatsApp is a globally recognized app providing instant messages in the end to end encryption. And, yet every month more than 3 million accounts get banned in India alone, all because of abuse by many accounts on these platforms.

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