What to wear to a job interview

One of the most exciting yet nervous fractions of any individual’s life is probably going for an interview. Once we receive the interview call letter, all our preparations start. We want to present the best of our version to grab the desired job. With hard and soft skills, a decent dressing code plays a major role to ace in the interview.

Now the question arises -What to wear to a job interview? Many candidates get confused which results in dressing inappropriately and ultimately, they lose the opportunity. If you find yourself in a fix while deciding how to dress up, this article is for you!

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What to wear to a job interview-

For Males

What to wear to a job interview

The outfit- Simple and sober 

The dress code for males is very precise. If wearing a suit, opt for solid colors. If you want to wear a suit, opt for solid colors. The trendy suit jacket has two buttons, not three, so check carefully yours only has two buttons. While you’re standing and walking around, keep the top button buttoned and the bottom button unbuttoned. When you sit down for the interview, unbutton both buttons.

Choose a collared shirt in soothing colors like white, blue, grey, and other pastel hues. Also, Do not wear silk shirts as they are totally out of line for a competent look. Make sure that the outfit is ironed, and there are no smudges. For the bottoms, select a pair of dark-colored regular-fitting trousers or chinos. Do not wear the tight-fitting dress. Avoid printed shirts or pants. Complete your formal look with a complimentary leather belt. For instance, if your suit is blue, go for brown shoes and a matching brown belt. You should never wear a T-Shirt or informal shirts with prints.

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Footwear- Clean and well fitted 

Well-fitted formal shoes with or without laces will look perfect. Generally, prospects opt for black shoes. However, you can also select brown shoes if they go with the outfit. A cleaned and polished shoe adds volumes about your personality. So, make sure your shoes should remain clean without a speck of dust on them. Sneakers is a supreme no!

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Normally, a fitted suit exposes your ankles when you sit down so selecting a suitable pair of socks is important. Wear long, solid-color dress socks that are a similar color to your pants.

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The accessories- Classic 

What to wear to a job interview regarding accessories? You should wear a decent wristwatch, with a metallic or leather strap. Also, avoid wearing fancy analog sports watches. You can wear a tie if you want. It can be printed but not too flashy. However, people don’t wear a tie nowadays as trends say. 

 For Females


Main outfit – Simple and sophisticated

From a vast range of clothes, females tend to be more confused on the question – What to wear to a job interview? But, You can always choose a solid-colored blazer that you can pair with a skirt or trousers. Black is the classic option for skirts or trousers. Blouses or shirts should be simple without unnecessary designs or frills.

Select from pastel and neutral colors for the best effect. Grey, white, and light blue shades are the first shirt colors. But there is always a chance to experiment with fabrics, like the sheer silk chiffon here, which works well layered over a camisole. Try being creative with color, too. This shirt’s color works well, as it’s more engaging than the usual colors but still elegant and professional. Also, put a skinny waist belt for a sense of detail that makes a bang on effect. A skirt made of an intriguing fabric or a simple black pencil skirt is a great way to make a business look your own.

To be more confident, make sure your upper body inners are not noticeable. Wear a camisole over the inner for proper coverage. If you are going to sit for a PSUs or any government body interview, you can opt for a simple salwar kameez or light bordered saree. 

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The Footwear-  choose flats 

For your safety purposedo not go for high heels. Wear comfortable and formal moccasins, bellies, or sandals. If you’re wearing leather footwear, they must be polished well. Make sure your footwear doesn’t make knocking sounds on the floor while walking because it could disturb the interviewers. Besides, footwear needs to be clean and in good condition, regardless of the dress code.

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Accessories- Minimum and elegant 

Candidates should try to keep the volume of accessories to a bare minimum. Wear simple jewelry like small stud earrings. You can wear a simple chain if you have to. A simple wristwatch is enough as a hand accessory. Bangles and bracelets should be avoided. Be as simple as possible. No fancy hairpins and clips should be used. Also, avoid wearing rings, and if wearing keep it very light without much sparkles and glitter. 

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Handbag – The complimentary attire 

Select your purse carefully and choose one that is polished and professional. Select a handbag in a darker color like black or brown. For picking up leather, select one that fits your shoes or other leather accessories. If you are planning to bring copies of your resume, portfolio, or other documents to the interview, make sure they fit neatly inside. To protect documents, consider carrying a briefcase instead of a handbag.

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For a perfect interview look, hair should be neatly styled in a basic expression. Generally, a low or high ponytail compliments suits and skirts. You can also opt for a well-combed straight hair look. Another formal hairstyle that goes well with most of the outfits is a low and neat bun.


After reading the above article, aren’t you imagining yourself in the perfect professional look, nailing the interview? You must shop now and create the best interview look for your dream job!

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