Have you recently broken up or have been single for too long and are bored? Well, welcome to the category! Today we present to you 9 must do things before you begin to curse singlehood because trust me, this is a really precious time! Remember, you are never “always” free so bookmark this today.

1. Brace yourself and self-introspect

Do not underestimate the potential of empty mental space you have right now. Fill this space by immersing in peaceful moments of self-introspection. What is missing in your life? Where do you need to work? There must be something, and if there isn’t, this article is here to bring forth the awakening.


2. Make New Friends!

When you have nobody else to stop you, you shouldn’t hesitate either. New people induce new thought processes, beautiful diversions and hence making new friends and increasing the level of networking is of grave importance. Who knows which newcomer might accompany an amazing life lesson!


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3. Develop New Hobbies

Learn and invest in yourself. One of the several amazing things I have learned in life is that one must have a hobby to keep the fire inside them lit. Read that again and engrave it somewhere. Find a hobby to be young forever- be associated with music, writing or anything that calms and liberates you. You can swim or better yet, learn to drive, be independent.

4. Travel Abroad

You HAVE TO travel. Out of the many benefits traveling promises, one of great value is that you get to see new cultures as well as new worlds and amidst all the unusualness you realize the true meaning of life. Everyone tends to have their own interpretation but while traveling so many people find their true calling or they at least find a way to begin. AIESEC and go abroad are some good platforms to begin on.

5. Flirt Shamelessly

Because, why not? Or what is there to lose? Everyone deserves a little fun, I read. (But we strictly demotivate you to hurt someone else.) Golden rule states that the memories of old can be replaced by memories of new. Need ‘tinder’ guide to begin with?


6. Strike off pending wishes with old friends

We sacrifice so much when we are in a relationship. Well, time to bring everything back. All those unfulfilled wishes will be now written on a paper by you, those long bookmarks, those places you never saw, the drinks you never tasted. So call up all your old friends, get together and all the single ladies put your hands up! Carpe diem!

7. Build A Better Career

Being single has one priority advantage. You don’t take decisions for two or rather two don’t make decisions for one. Now your choices don’t depend on others, so, what career did you always wanted? This is the best time to work and improve yourself, run towards success with full throttle. Time to line up interviews, no?

8. Be Picky

Another great quote I personally validate is that “once you have loved someone truly, you either begin to love any next person or none at all”. This is when you have to be picky. Do not fall on every next date you meet. Rather wait, analyze, and think. Learn to differentiate between infatuation and love. Take your time to fall.

9. Marry Yourself

Do not believe that you are above or below anyone else. You are your own magic. Everyone possesses their own set of unique liabilities and assets. So go home, do your own SWOT analysis and begin today.


Let us know how you intend to utilize this time via dropping comments below

Divya Singal


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