When it comes to buying or gifting jewellery, we don’t need a reason to do so, do we? And what a better moment to celebrate with sparkling solitaire jewellery, that every woman deserves to treasure in her collection.

The craze for this precious gem has just grown over the years due to its lustrous and dazzling quality. Diamonds bring out a natural glow to a woman’s personality hence making her feel like a precious & special person in the world.
Famous singer Rihanna perfectly nails the essence of these sparkly jewels in her song, “Shine bright like a diamond”.

When you think of a diamond, the first picture that comes to your mind would probably be a man with a ring proposing to his lover on one knee. The idea behind this was to romanticize the lover’s feelings for his beloved as shown in movies. But people now gift solitaire jewellery on several occasions to celebrate joyous moments together.

So, what should you look for when purchasing solitaire Jewellery?

You will find solitaire earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nose pins and rings in beautiful patterns and styles. If you’re thinking of buying Solitaire jewellery, keep these helpful guidelines in mind, just like you would do with any other jewellery.

As solitaire jewellery has only a single diamond stone on it, you should thoroughly test the quality of the stone that is dependent on the 4C’s: cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.

  • Cut: The diamond has to be symmetrical to enhance its reflective quality and polished look. The poor the cut, the more the stone can appear dull. But the more detailed the cut, the more the stone reveals a sparkly and beautiful shine.
  • Colour: Diamonds come in a variety of tones. It can be colourless or also have hues of brown or yellow. The more colourless the stone the greater value it holds.
  • Clarity: This is an important factor to focus on when buying your solitaire. There can be traces of inclusions on the exterior as well as the interior surfaces of this gemstone. These inclusions & flaws can greatly affect the clarity grade of the diamond hence you should purchase the one with a high clarity grade.
  • Carat weight: This aspect measures the price & value of a diamond based on its physical weight and not its appearance. One carat is equal to 1/5 gram which is subdivided into 100 points. Therefore, keeping yourself well informed before going ahead with your buying decision can help you wisely choose the right solitaire.

Now that you have an idea about what to consider before purchasing solitaire jewellery, let’s explore how you can rock it with these different styles.

  1. Solitaire rings:

You will find a wider option of detailed, elegant and beautifully designed solitaire rings that will enhance your look in the most sophisticated way. They are appropriate to be worn at weddings, workplaces, or any other occasion.


  1. Solitaire necklaces:
    A solitaire necklace can be gifted in a set or individual chains with delicate pendants. Mix and match your chains with different solitaire pendants to give a feminine and ladylike vibe to your outfits.


  1. Solitaire earrings:

A unique and stylish pair of solitaire earrings are sure to give a different feel to your ears. Accessorize your outfits with your favourite pair and you are ready to make a style statement of your own.


  1. Solitaire bracelets:

Stand out from the crowd with these absolute stunners! If you want to go for a more poised and polished look a solitaire bracelet is a perfect add-on to your collection.

They are so easy to style with any attires and are available in delicate and elegant patterns.


  1. Solitaire nose pins:

Solitaire nose pins take the fashion vibe to a whole new level as they are tiny in their appearance. Confidently pair these tiny dazzlers with any outfits you want.

You can wear solitaire nose pins as a stand-alone or also mix and match them with other pieces of solitaire jewellery.


Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you go solitaire shopping. Melorra jewellery helps you find the perfect solitaire jewellery to gift yourself and your loved one. It’s your one-stop-jewellery-shopping for eye-catching and unique jewellery collections inspired by global runway trends that can be worn every day.