Schrodinger's smile
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Sushant Singh Rajput, a legend of the film industry who is now just in our memories will always hold a special place in our hearts. In many of his interviews and conferences, he wore a T-shirt on which it was written Schrodinger’s Smile. What is the secret behind this Schrodinger’s smile? Is there any science related to it? Why did Sushant wear it in so many conferences? Is there any connection between this T-shirt and him?

Well, there is a science behind this Schrodinger’s smile. It is a meme that is based on a very interesting thought experiment. Thought experiment refers to that experiment, that scientists thought of, discussed it but never executed. It is an imaginary experiment. There is a smile made on Schrodinger’s T-shirt. It represents two faces; one is a happy face and the other one is sad. It means that it is both happy and sad at the same time. Now, who is Schrodinger? And why did he made this T-shirt? What is his ideology behind making this T-shirt?


Schrodinger's smile
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Schrodinger is a quantum physicist. He studied the deep theory of quantum physics. Quantum physics is a typical theory that is not understood by every person if the concept is not clear. To read the theory and understand it with much clarity, he experimented in 1935.

He made an imaginary experiment in which he kept a cat sealed in a box with a radioactive substance. There is a bomb that will explode with the decay of the radioactive substance. As soon as the bomb will explode, the cat will die. So, the experiment depicts that a cat can either be dead and she will survive. Here, when we will open the box, either of the two situations will happen. For now, the probability of both the situation seems to be equal. The probability of reality would differ only after we would open the box. This is an imaginary experience.


According to quantum mechanics, if there would not be any observer, our reality remains in a superposition state. That means, there are many possibilities for the happening. But, when the observer observed the possibilities, reality sticks on any of the possibilities and that seems in reality to us. This means, the cat will die or survive, it will be decided after we will open the box. This experience connects human consciousness with reality. This experience is named as Schrodinger’s Cat.

Some people were inspired by this logic and experiment and made a meme on this. In that meme, the smile depicts two states at the same time. One is of the sad and the other one is a happy state. The real state will come to know after observation. Like Schrodinger’s Cat, the secret of the Schrodinger’s Smile will disclose after we would open the box.


We live in a state where we are trapped inside a psychological box. There are many moments of joy and sorrow in our lives and we fight with them. The point is we cannot open this box on our own. We can just wait for somebody to open it, someone who is dear to us and someone who loves us. Only our loved ones can open the box. Till then, we have to wait, just like the cat did.


Schrodinger's smile
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This is a clever pun that depicts that a person can be in both states at the same time, I.e., happy and sad. It can be a situation when he or she is not certain about his state of mind and he or she is in a superposition of being happy and sad. It also reflects the ideology of being happy in front of the people we love and pretend to be happy in front of other people. In the first state, only our loved ones can know the position of our psychological mind whether we are happy or sad in reality. But, in the other situation, we are sad from inside but pretend to be happy in front of others and put a huge smile on our faces.


But, as this is just an imaginary experiment and not a scientific one, the cat is not a part of the quantum theory and scientifically, it does not prove anything. It was just a way to explain that simple misinterpretation of the theory can lead to absurd results. The quantum theory explains that quantum particles are in a superposition state and collapsed to a single state only when the other person observes the particles.


Sushant Singh Rajput wore this T-shirt in many interviews, photos, and conferences. Nobody knew his state of mind about wearing that T-shirt. Maybe he wanted to convey a message with the science behind the T-shirt. Maybe he was waiting for the person who loves him and knows the real meaning out of it. The state of the smile on the T-shirt in both sad and happy ways can be his state of mind as well. He wanted to convey a message out of his psychotic mind. Schrodinger’s smile not only proved to be logical in science but also in terms of psychology.



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