Depression is a common and serious medical illness. It has a negative effect on the way one feels, the way one thinks, and the way one acts. But it is a curable disease.


Depression is commonly caused after a person faces some traumatic event or the loss of a loved one. Any relationship failure or failure in life also leads to a person slipping into depression.


Depression causes a feeling of sadness and/or a general loss of interest in day-to-day activities. A loss of interest is also seen in those activities in which the person was interested in earlier. It leads to many emotional and physical problems. It leads to a general decrease in the ability of a person to function at any place, work, or home.


If you seek medical help for curing depression, there are many options. For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, antidepressant medication, etc.

But in less severe cases, depression can be treated naturally also.

1. Acceptance of who you really are- It is the general protocol for any sort of illness. Living in denial can prove to be harmful in the later stages. You need to accept who you are and what you are suffering through. Once you accept yourself, the treatment gets easier. The desire of getting better will come from within you. It will prove to be a catalyst in the healing process.

2. Wallow to make your heart feel light- Many people believe that locking up their feelings and throwing away the key is a good option. But it becomes dangerous to the mental health of a person in the long run. Try to sort out your feelings and work your way around them. Grieve when the situation demands, cry when you want to. Keeping your feelings to yourself will not help you. But once you have wallowed enough, remember to move on. Do not just stay there. The key to a healthy life is to move on.

3. Make sure that things do not remain the same always- We have always heard that every day brings with its fresh beginnings. Believe this saying because it is true. You will not feel the same tomorrow as you are feeling today. Things will always change for good. Remember that there is always light at the end of a tunnel.

4. Set goals that are attainable- If you feel that you do not have any aim in life or nothing to do, set small goals to get the ball rolling. For example, you will take out the trash today, or clear your drawer. These small goals will be easy to fulfill and will also help in deviating your mind from the negative things.

5. Remember to reward yourself when you achieve your goals- Rewarding is an especially important part of the entire goal-setting procedure. Give yourself a treat because you have managed to complete a task which you were incapable of doing before.

Lastly, talk to someone, a friend, a family member, a stranger. Anybody, who is willing to listen. We often underestimate the healing powers of a great talk. When you talk your heart out to someone, you feel a weight lift off from your shoulders.

If you are unable to talk to anyone then meet a psychiatrist. Professional help will always understand your situation and help you in the healing process.


Moreover, there are many suicide helplines being run in the country where you can call and talk about your feelings. One of such Helpline Centre is Aasra. They have a 24X7 helpline. You can contact them at 9820466726 whenever you feel low.

You will get better, just remember this. There is nothing that cannot be cured if a person puts all their efforts into it. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind at any cost. Try to stay positive. Everyone is with you. Your family, your friends, everyone. Your life is precious to the world.



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