Quarantine, isolation the words that are so much popular these days do you know why? What do they mean?

A simple explanation of this is let us suppose one of the people is confirmed COVID-19 positive with a lab test and he may contact minimum 3 person in that days they can be their family, friends, colleagues, classmates or maybe strangers and due to the contact they also got infected and those 3 persons further meet 3 persons and further so on and a chain of infected person got developed now this chain has the power to destroy not only a family, city or a country but the world.

Now looking on the other side if the person knows he is COVID-19 positive and he quarantine himself means break the chain and contact with anyone else then he not only saved his family but the world also .we all have to break the chain by being quarantined otherwise we have to pay that cost which no one can imagine .if we do not follow quarantine what will happen:-

A Massacre Would Be Created

The crisis would just not only be for the ones suffering from coronavirus but also for the ones who are following quarantine as the more we try to break the quarantine more will be the patients and thus more extension for the quarantine.

It Can Led To Community Transmission

If we don’t practice Quarantine it can lead to community transmission. Which can have devastating effects as it can lead to hundreds of thousands of death. As we all know that corona is an infectious disease is spread from person to person . We all are smart enough we know what is good for us and in the last decision is yours.

The Economy Of Nation Would Face A Halt

As we all know that there is a lock down in India means all school, college, shop, industry, factory, cinema halls will remain close and hence economy will suffer .yah! Your economy will down and you have to struggle more than a normal day to survive but what will you do of that economy if you are not alive. It is well said that ”you are not allowed to carry luggage of money in heaven”

Pandemic Will End Up By Taking Our Lives

  It must be kept in mind that India ranks 112 in the world for its health facilities and Italy ranks 2 in the world for its health facilities and we all are aware of the condition of Italy right now. So it’s in your hand you want to be in the condition of Italy or you may follow the quarantine for just 14 days and if we do not follow quarantine then there will be dead bodies at every step, every home, every city and all over the world

Not Be Able To Break The Virus Chain

The things which can stop spreading by the following quarantine will spread on a large scale and then it’s very difficult to stop it. COVID-19 is an infectious disease that spread from person to person and hence develop an infectious chain that can increase from 1 to 100, 100 to 1000,1000 to million and million to billions in just a few days. You can take an example of America where there is no lockdown and hence more the number of infectious persons . We have to break the chain.

Increase In Number Of Cases Of COVID-19

India would be having the same situation as the leading world countries are facing by the addition of thousands of people everyday to the list of the affected and dead . There are more then 7 lakhs cases in all over the world . And in India there are 1000+ cases . No doubt this 1000 will be soon in lakhs if we will not follow the quarantine

India Will Go Back Many Years

According to modi ji if we don’t follow quarantine for 21 days then India will go back 21 years . Not only India economy will go back but the development of India will go back as all the construction work , research work , productive work will be stopped due to this virus so we have to be in homes and stay safe

~ Gunjan Dhingra


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