Cyber security

Recently there has been a massive jump in the pace at which technological developments are happening.  However, these rapid developments are accompanied by a parallel increase in the number of cyber-attacks and online frauds. Due to their heavy reliance on software and digital networks,  business processes and systems have become more vulnerable to these attacks. All the stakeholders right from the big companies and start-ups to everyday customers and users of these technologies are at a constant threat. Some of the most common and typical forms of cyber security attacks experienced by an average customer include things like phishing, data breaches, ransomware and identity threats.


The severity of this problem is only increased by the severe lack of cyber security mitigation experts and professionals. However, new job opportunities and challenges are attracting a lot of young people to this domain. Are you wondering how to get into this high paying and highly rewarding profession?  Well, the simplest answer is by enrolling in the right cyber security certificate programs, you will take the first and the most crucial step in that direction. To help you decide which institution is right for you, here is a list of some of the most sought out places for learning all about cyber security:


  1. HITAM – B.Tech in computer science and engineering


The Hyderabad Institute of technology and management, located in Hyderabad, offers a 4-year degree course. The institute and the course are absolutely reliable as can be gleaned from the fact that it has been accredited by the All-India Council of technical education. The students who graduate from the HITAM with a degree in cyber security have a chance to get a job in companies that have partnered with the institute to hire cyber security professionals. However, if you want to get an off-campus placement, you can do that as well since the degree earned from this college is highly reputable.


  1. NSHM knowledge campus, Kolkata – M.Sc in information and cyber security


This course will make you an agile ready, highly skilled and employable cyber security professional. It’s a 2-year long full-time program and will make you an expert at computer forensics, network cryptography and many other such aspects of cyber security.


  1. K.R. Mangalam university Gurgaon – B.Sc in Cyber security


In this 3-year course, you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with some of the most important aspects of cyber security like risk management, compliance, IT infrastructure, network security systems etc. The students who complete this course are easily able to find jobs in important industry roles like data security analysts and risk analysts.


  1. VIT Vellore – CS and engineering with specialization in Cyber-Physical systems


This 4- year course will propel you in the direction of becoming future innovators and entrepreneurs by allowing you to learn the things that will help you perform different cyber security activities across different industries. This course focuses on building your core skills and applying them to real-life problems.


  1. University of petroleum and energy studies, Dehradun- Cyberlaw, IPR


This is a bachelor’s program and is one of the most holistic cyber security degrees in India. It allows you to learn about the unique combination of computer science and law. Since there is a lot to learn here, it is rightfully a 6-year long course that will train you to deal with all sorts of crimes committed on the internet like fraud, theft, forgery and defamation.


  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

The goal of this course is to help you know more about ethical hacking and understand its importance in the cyber security ecosystem. As you go through this course you will learn about important terms and definitions in addition to gaining what will be of great help in understanding this field and practice. To make the most of this short but informative course please take notes and try to apply what you have learned, so as to refine it further.


Get a cyber security certificate from any of these institutions. You can rest assured that you are extremely close to landing that prized job as a cyber security consultant or in any other role that you want.




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