Why Nisha Guragain is Viral these days ? 

Nisha Gurgain does not need any identity today. He has achieved her popularity in social media at a very young age 

Nisha Gurgain's videos often go viral on Instagram. 

Due to these viral videos of Nisha, she has to get trolled many times. 

Only 27 years old Nisha has more than 90 lakh followers on Instagram, which is a big achievement. 

This time Nisha is in the news because of one of her viral MMS, in which she is seen in an objectionable condition. 

In this video Nisha Gurgain is seen with her boyfriend Ramzan Kutty. 

According to Nisha, this video was shot by her boyfriend and was accidentally shared on Snapchat story.  

Some people tried to give a communal color to this matter by revealing the name and religion of Nisha's boyfriend. 

According to many people this is a very poor way to gain popularity. And all this has been done deliberately. 

Because of this MMS, Nisha faced a lot of trolls. And many people were hurt by Nisha's MMS and even unfollowed her. 

At one time Nisha Gurgain had more than 27 million followers on TikTok. And she was the fourth person to be followed across TikTok in India. 

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