Who is Chandrika Dixit and why is viral on social media as Bada Pav Girl? 

In the last few days, a girl from Delhi is becoming very viral by the name of Bada Pav Girl. 

Chandrika Dixit is a well educated girl and holds a degree in commerce 

Chandrika always had a passion for cooking, so after her studies, she joined Haldiram Group. 

At Haldiram's he honed his culinary skills and gained valuable industry experience. 

However, her life took an unexpected turn when his son contracted dengue fever, forcing him to quit her job and look for other sources of income to make a living. 

she then started selling Vada Pav, a popular street food in Mumbai, to support his family. 

Chandrika Dixit's initial days were tough, but her determination and the taste of her Vada Pav slowly started attracting customers 

Chandrika Dixit's life changed when a local food vlogger, Amit Jindal, visited her cart and recorded a video of her preparing and serving vada pav 

The video titled "Vada Pav Girl" showcased her skills and passion and quickly gained popularity on social media 

Within a few days, the video went viral, making Chandrika famous overnight 

After the viral video, Chandrika's food cart has become famous all over Delhi, where people come from far and wide to taste the vada pav