Symptoms of heat stroke and some ways to avoid it 

The heat is at its peak in the month of June. The sun starts spewing fire right from the morning 

In this extreme heat, the body temperature of many people increases, which we often assume to be fever 

What we think is fever might actually be heat stroke . Let me tell you some symptoms of heat stroke 

If a person has come from the sun and his body temperature has increased, then it will become normal after some time. You do not need any medicine for this. 

If the patient has come from the scorching sun and his speech is slurred, then this is also a symptom of heat stroke 

If you see any such symptoms, you do not have to panic nor give any medicine 

If symptoms of heat stroke are seen, you should make him lie down in a cool place 

Loosen the patient's clothes and apply an ice pack on his head. 

And after doing this first aid at home, take the patient to the hospital 

Keep in mind that in this condition you should not give paracetamol or any fever medicine to the patient. 

In this summer season, every second person in every house is sick. Our advice to you is that you should not go out of the house unnecessarily in this heat.