Some facts about Aashna Shroff which very few people know

Nowadays everyone knows Aashna Shroff. Aashna is a YouTuber, fashion stylist and influencer. 

Aashna also struggled a lot in her early life. Aashna also worked in a children's play school for a few years. 

Along with photography, Aashna has also done a course in interior designer. 

Aashna's parents were divorced even before Aashna was born, but still Aashna's mother fully supported her in fulfilling her dream. 

Aashna spent her childhood with her grandfather, grandmother and aunt. 

Aashna has a YouTube channel named aashna Shroff. On this she posts fashion, Beauty tips and daily life style related videos. 

Today Aashna earns Rs 8 to 10 lakh per month from her YouTube channel. And annually it is 1.2 crores 

Aashna has great love for animals. Aashna is a pure vegetarian since childhood. 

Today Aashna Shroff has earned a lot of fame with her hard work. And today she is working with big brands from which she is earning crores. 

Today, Aashna's earnings from all sources of income are around Rs 37 crores. 

There are reports that Ayesha and singer Armaan Malik are going to get married very soon but the wedding date has not been revealed yet.