Surprise Addition to PM Modi’s Oath Event 

Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu accepts invite to PM Modi’s oath ceremony, accompanied by three cabinet colleagues.

India’s Neighbourhood First Policy 

India extends invitations to leaders of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Sri Lanka for PM Modi’s inauguration on June 9. 

Formal Invitations Sent 

Formal invitations dispatched to all seven countries for PM Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony.

Inclusion of Maldives and Seychelles 

Initial reports mentioned invitations to five countries, but Maldives and Seychelles have been added to the list. 

Invitations Extended 

PM Modi personally invites leaders of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Mauritius to attend the inauguration. 

Focus on Indian Ocean Cooperation 

Emphasis on closer relations and cooperation with island nations in the Indian Ocean region. 

Confirmation of Participation 

Bangaladesh, Nepal and Sri lanka confirms participations of their respective leaders in the inauguration ceremony 

Surprise Addition: Maldivian President 

Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu unexpectedly invited, signaling India’s commitment to continued cooperation despite strained relations. 

Acceptance Confirmed 

Maldives confirms President Muizzu’s acceptance of the invitation, accompanied by three cabinet members, including the foreign minister. 

Invitation Reasons 

Inviting neighbouring leaders ensures logistical ease and emphasizes India’s commitment to regional cooperation. 

Strong Bilateral Relations 

#PM Modi highlights cordial relations with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during phone conversations with respective leaders. 

Past Invitations and Cooperation 

Recap of previous inaugurations where leaders of Saarc and Bimstec member states were invited, showcasing India’s regional engagement.