Do you know these 7 surprising facts about Kritika Khurana? 

Kritika Khurana, whom we all know as that boho girl on social media, is a very famous influencer and YouTuber. 

Kritika Khurana was born on 19 June 1993 in New Delhi. 

Kritika Khurana was greatly supported by her mother Anju Khurana and her father Raju Khurana in becoming that boho girl. 

Kritika got married to Aditya Chhabra on 24 April 2022. 

But you will be surprised to know that they got divorced in just 6 months. 

Kritika has a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. 

The name of Kratika's YouTube is that boho girl and she shares videos related to beauty, travel and daily lifestyle on it. 

Kratika Khurana started his YouTube channel in the year 2014, which currently has more than 8 lakh subscribers. 

Kritika has uploaded around 1100 videos on her YouTube channel which has more than 23 crore views. 

Kritika was very creative about fashion since childhood. She often tried to wear different types of clothes. 

And thanks to her hardwork and dedication, kratika madw her hobby her profession