Centipede found in Amul Incecream!  Amul Responded

Amul has given its clarification late last night regarding the entire issue of centipede.

Amul said that the box was asked from the complainant woman for inspection but the woman refused to give the box. 

Until they get the box, it is not possible for them to check. If we get the box, then we will check in different ways. 

But the victim woman Deepa Devi has accused Amul company of misleading people. 

He alleges that Amul is spreading confusion by providing incomplete information on X. 

People from Amul had already taken samples of ice cream from them. After this, some people came on Monday, but they neither had their I-card nor did they tell their names. 

Apart from that, he was talking to them in a rude manner. In such a situation, they clearly refused to give the box. 

Her question to Amul is whether Amul branch managers go to anyone's house like this for company work. 

When Deepa Devi asked to take their photo, all the people who had come to take samples from Amul went back. 

After the incident, on Monday late evening, Amul through its ex handle said that I had not given the ice cream box. 

Amul said that if we get the box then we will examine it in different ways and share the report with the customers.