Avantika Mohan, know 10 inspiring facts about her 

Today Avantika is a well-known blogger, influencer, traveler. 

Avantika is from India but currently she is living in Dubai. 

Avantika was born in a middle-class family and perhaps that is why Avantika had big dreams since childhood 

Avantika's mother had the responsibility of taking care of the whole family bcz her father had no income. 

Avantika is married to Durjoy Dutta who is a famous writer. Some of his famous novels are oh yes, i am single etc. 

Avantika has faced a lot of difficulties in her childhood and today she has become successful through her hard work. 

After finishing school, Avantika also worked in a call center where she used to get only 5000 rupees monthly 

Avantika also won the title of Miss Uttarakhand. She did not get money from this but she got a lot of name and fame. 

After this Avantika joined her career with Indigo and started working as a flight attendant. 

Avantika lost her job due to Covid, due to which she again got stuck in a bad financial situation 

After this Avantika took care of herself and made a big name in the cafe business