7 Reasons why BJP faces a big loss in 2024 election

The BJP lost a major battleground on its own turf. The party lost 55 seats in the 10 Hindi speaking states spread across North India.

Now let us tell you some major reasons for BJP's defeat

The youth were deeply affected by the problem of paper leak and unemployment.

Farmers were also very upset due to stray animals and not getting the right price for crops

BJP's slogan of crossing 400 also became a noose around its neck and caused huge losses

This time, negligence was also seen in ticket distribution by BJP.

Schemes like Agniveer and Agneepath are also a big reason for BJP's defeat

Taking the opposition too lightly also proved costly for the BJP

There is anger and sadness among the general public due to lack of contact with their public representatives.

All the candidates wanted to win the election in the name of Modi and Yogi but on the ground there is tremendous resentment against them

Due to fear of changing the Constitution, SC and ST distanced themselves from BJP.