Best Waffle Places In Delhi You Must Try
  • Best Waffle Places In Delhi You Must Try

Weekend and month-end, but dining out pangs don’t come, seeing the crunch in your pocket. And, if you’re craving to sweet appetizer, waffles are the there for you. To make the food itinerary end on a sweet note, we bring you a list of dessert kiosks around the student’s hub:

1. Waffles and Crepes

Offers amazing waffles, pancakes, creeps and shakes. The tempting outlet serves chocolaty overloads that are sumptuous. Roasted hazelnut coffee and Belgian chocolate shake are a must try.

Place: Satyaniketan

Cost for Two: Rs 250

Timings: 11.30a.m.-11p.m.

2. Waffle O’Clock

An engineer-turned-chef Divya, who runs the cute little kiosk has uniquely blended activated charcoal with the waffle mix and dished out the crispy-crusted black-out waffle. So it’s pure indulgence of taste and health – a rare combo on the block.

Place: Satyaniketan

Cost for Two: Rs. 200

Timings: 10a.m.-10p.m.


A little bit on the higher end of the price bar, WAFL provides a range of varied waffles to satiate your sweet tooth. Come, enjoy the red velvet waffle and molten white chocolate, besides creamy and colourful frappe.

Place: Satyaniketan

Cost for Two: Rs. 400

Timings: 10a.m.-Midnight

4. Wafflesome

The cutesy Greater Kailash outlet is where all the waffle-lovers are headed to these days. If the sweet aromas wafting through the tiny spot wasn’t tempting enough, the sight of freshly made, crispy waffles gets us hooked each time. Choose from the many flavours of indulgent topping such as mango, salted caramel, blueberry and banana toffee. We personally love the one with Nutella and Crushed Nuts.

Place: Greater Kailash

Cost for two: Rs.350

Timing: 11:30a.m.-12:30a.m.

5. Elma’s Café

From the sinful mudcakes to the decadent blueberry cheesecakes, Elma’s has them all to satisfy your sweet cravings. And for the special waffle cravings, Elma’s has the most delicious range to pick and choose from. Red velvet, Belgian chocolate, Raspberry and cream, Lemon poppy seed lemon poppy seed and chocolate walnut and banana! Hmm, you’re probably drooling already.

Place: Hauz Khas Village

Cost for two: Rs.1500

Timing: 10a.m.- 4a.m.

6. Depot48

Depot48’s signature Belgian waffles with the choice of Butter and Maple syrup, Banana and toffee sauce, or Chocolate Gianduja with caramelised nuts is one indulgent treat we are always up for. Oh did we tell you all their waffles are served with a scoop of lip-smacking vanilla ice-cream?

Place: Greater Kailash

Cost for two: Rs.1000

Timing: 12noon- 1 a.m.


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