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Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM of Delhi, has asked for equal rights for vocational studies’ students.  He asked the central government to treat  Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc) equally as other Bachelors’s degrees.  Also, they should be eligible to appear for the Civil Services Exam.

According to the Delhi government, Delhi University does not treat students who have opted for vocational studies in class 12  equally to other students. 

Vocational Studies discriminated

The minister while talking to the media put up the question of how the goal of giving a push to vocational education as mentioned in the new National Education Policy can be achieved when the system does not respect those with skill education. He further added that students with vocational subjects or skill-based subjects in class 12 gave a disadvantage in admissions in universities like Delhi University.

Further, he stated that the issue has already discussed with the center. They have also agreed on the same issue.  However, the last decision will be taken by the central government.

New Education Policy 

The New Education Policy which was earlier approved by the Cabinet has remarked that Vocational Education is anticipated to be inferior to mainstream education and meant largely for the students unable to cope with the same. The NEP stated that this perception influences the chives of the pupils and it is a serious interest that can only be dealt with by completely re-imagining how vocational education is offered to the students in the future. The NEP also aims to overcome the social status hierarchy associated with vocational education and requires the integration of Vocational education programs into mainstream education in all the educational institutions in stages.

Merging Vocational Studies in Schools

This idea would prove beneficial for school students.  Providing vocational exposure to elementary and secondary classes is going to help them in higher education.

This, according to the NEP will ensure that every child reads up emphasizing at least one vocation and is exposed to several more emphasizing the dignity of labor and the importance of various vocations including Indian Arts and Artisanship.

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According to the NEP by 2025, at least 50% of learning will receive an orientation to vocational education through school and higher education for which an action plan will be set with targets and timelines. 

Scope of pursuing Vocational Courses from Delhi University



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