VCIS Summer Internship 2024

DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024: A Gateway to Career Success


DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 is an exciting opportunity for students. The prestigious Delhi University is offering this internship program to enhance student careers. This program aims to provide practical experience and skills to young minds.


Program Overview

The DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 spans several weeks. It is designed to immerse students in real-world professional environments. Interns will work on various projects, gaining hands-on experience. This initiative is a part of DU’s commitment to student development and success. The internship runs from June 7 to August 6, 2024, and offers a stipend of INR 10,500 per month.

VCIS Summer Internship 2024

Orientation Program

The DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 began with a detailed orientation. The University of Delhi held the orientation for the 2024 VC Internship Scheme. This session introduced the interns to the program’s goals and expectations. Faculty members and industry experts led the orientation. They provided insights into what the interns could expect and how to make the most of the opportunity. During the orientation, the Vice Chancellor distributed badges to the students.


How to Apply for VCIS Summer Internship 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Applying for the DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure your application is complete and submitted correctly:

1. Check Eligibility

Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants must have an SGPA of 8.1 or higher in their most recent exams. The internship is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Delhi University.

2. Gather Necessary Documents

Prepare the required documents for your application. These typically include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • A recent CV or resume
  • A cover letter stating your interest in the internship
  • Letters of recommendation (if applicable)

3. Visit the Official DU Website

Go to the official Delhi University website. Navigate to the Dean of Student Welfare (DSW) section, where you will find information about the VCIS Summer Internship 2024.

4. Fill Out the Application Form

Locate the application form for the DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 on the website. Fill out the form with accurate and complete information. Ensure all sections are filled, as incomplete forms may be rejected.

5. Submit Supporting Documents

Upload the necessary documents along with your application form. Make sure each document is in the specified format and size as mentioned on the application portal.

6. Application Fee Payment

Pay the application fee if required. Details of the fee and payment methods will be provided on the application portal. Keep the payment receipt as proof.

7. Review and Submit

Double-check all the information and documents provided. Ensure there are no errors or omissions. Once satisfied, submit your application.

8. Confirmation and Tracking

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. Use this number to track the status of your application through the university’s portal.

9. Preparation for Group Discussion (GD)

If shortlisted, you will be invited for a group discussion. Prepare for the GD by practicing common topics and enhancing your communication skills. The GD stage is crucial, as it forms a part of the selection process.

10. Await Results

The final selection is based on a combination of your SGPA and GD performance. Keep an eye on the official DU website and your email for updates on the selection results.

Important Dates

  • Application Start Date: Announced on the DU website
  • Application Deadline: To be confirmed
  • Internship Duration: June 7 to August 6, 2024

Notable Attendees

The orientation event saw attendance from several prominent figures. These included Dean of Colleges Prof. Balram Pani, Director of South Campus Prof. Shri Prakash Singh, Dean Academics Prof. K. Ratnabali, Chairperson of the DU Culture Council Anoop Lather, Dean of Student Welfare Prof. Ranjan Kumar Tripathi, former Dean of Student Welfare Prof. Pankaj Arora, Joint Dean Prof. Sangeeta Gadre, and Joint Dean Prof. Hena Singh.


Learning Opportunities

The DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 offers diverse learning opportunities. Interns will work in different departments, depending on their interests and skills. They will be mentored by experienced professionals. This guidance is invaluable for understanding industry standards and expectations.


Skill Development

One of the main objectives of the DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 is skill development. Interns will learn new technologies and methodologies. They will also improve their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. These skills are essential for success in any career.


The DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 also focuses on networking. Interns will interact with peers, mentors, and industry professionals. This networking is crucial for future career opportunities. Building a strong professional network can open doors to various job prospects.

Project Work

During the DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024, interns will work on real projects. These projects are designed to challenge and enhance their abilities. Working on real projects provides practical experience that is highly valued by employers.

Feedback and Evaluation

The DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 includes regular feedback and evaluation. Interns will receive constructive feedback on their performance. This feedback helps them understand their strengths and areas for improvement. It also prepares them for future job roles.

Cultural Exposure and Advancement

Another highlight of the DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 is cultural exposure and career advancement. Interns will experience diverse work cultures and environments. This exposure is beneficial for personal growth and understanding global work practices.


The Vice Chancellor’s Statement

The DU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Yogesh Singh, emphasized the importance of the VC Internship Scheme.

He stated that the scheme aims to help students gain valuable understanding and experience. Prof. Singh announced that the DSW office received 6,464 applications for the VCIS Summer Internship 2024.

Out of these, 1,564 applicants with an SGPA of 8.1 or higher in their last exam were shortlisted for the group discussion (GD) stage.

The GD was conducted over two and a half days in four parallel sessions, with each batch comprising 10-12 applicants.

Based on a combination of SGPA and GD scores, weighted appropriately, 140 interns were selected. These interns will be assigned to 45 different branches and sections of the university.

VCIS Summer Internship 2022-23

The Vice Chancellor Internship Scheme (VCIS) started in the academic year 2022-2023. In its first cycle, a part-time internship was offered from December 23, 2022, to June 30, 2023.

Interns worked 8-10 hours per week and received a stipend of INR 5,000 per month. The program received 3,424 applications.

All applicants with an SGPA of 8.0 or higher were called for interviews.

Out of 624 candidates, 113 interns (108 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate students) were selected and placed in 27 branches/sections of the university, providing valuable exposure and experience.



DU Hosts VCIS Summer Internship 2024 is an exceptional opportunity for students. It provides practical experience, skill development, and networking opportunities. This program is a significant step towards a successful career. By participating in this internship, students can enhance their employability and professional growth. Staying updated about the latest educational events is just a click away.




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