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Source: Hindustan Times

On 19 May, the University of Delhi asked 32 colleges to hurry the process of appointing college regular principals. Moreover, the university instructs to put a hold on the process of appointing teaching and non-teaching posts while the process of principals appointment is going on.

According to the officials, the university directed all the colleges through a letter. Presently, a total of 32 DU colleges are running without regular principals. 

On this, Balaram Pani, Delhi University Dean of Colleges said that there are 32 colleges under DU, that are running without regular principals. He said, “Varsity has directed the colleges to hurry the appointing process of 32 college principals.”

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Further, it is asked that colleges must assemble a selection committee. The selection committee will assist in appointing regular principals of the college shortly.  

Put a hold on other University Post Appointment

The university assistant registrar said that while the process of appointing college regular principals is going on, other appointments for teaching and non-teaching posts are not allowed. Whether, on a contract basis or regular basis, any other positions appointed are prohibited.

Furthermore, according to the letter, “During the processing time of regular principals appointment, put a hold on other issues of appointment. It includes holding on to all teaching and non-teaching posts on a contract, guest, regular, or ad hoc basis.”

However, if any college still appoints for any position in teaching or non-teaching posts. It will be considered void by the university.

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