Vanshika Gaba Biography: Remarkable Fashion Content Creator, Know 10 Interesting Facts about Her 


Vanshika Gaba Biography: Remarkable Fashion Content Creator, Know 10 Interesting Facts about Her

Vanshika Gaba Arora, commonly known as Vanshika Gaba, is a well-known Indian fashion content creator. Vanshika Gaba’s interests in the field are Fashion Influencing, Blogging, Video Creating, and Lifestyle Vlogging these all contributed to making her a well-known Social Media Personality.

Vanshika is famous on many social media platforms, circulating tremendous fashion ideas and trends. Vanshika Gaba biography includes her fashion sense, YouTube channel, her stats.

Vanshika Gaba Biography
Source: Instagram

Vanshika Gaba’s Early Life


Vanshika did her education in Delhi, she did her higher studies in Delhi itself.


Vanshika has had an interest in fashion since childhood, which later grew, helped, and played a major role in Vanshika Gaba biography.

Vanshika Gaba Age

Vanshika Gaba age is 25 years old, she was born in the year 1999 in Delhi Maharashtra. Vanshika started her journey at a young age which made her a milliner at the age of 25. She has been an inspiration to young fashion influencers as her income and fame are commendable.

Vanshika Gaba marriage: Husband, date of marriage

Vanshika Gaba is married to Harshit Arora, who is a fashion influencer. They got married in the year 2022, their marriage was a fun wedding and married with Hindu tradition. Her wedding look was loved and adored by many. She wanted her marriage look to be unique and inspiring.

Vanshika Gaba Biography
Source: Instagram

Vanshika Gaba’s physical appearance

Vanshika Gaba Biography includes her height, weight, age, etc. In this section we will talk about her physical appearance which makes people inclined towards her, her personality is charming and attractive. Let us have a look at the physical attributes of Vanshika Gaba Biography.

Vanshika Gaba Height

Vanshika Gaba comes under a decent height category, her height is 5 feet 5 inches. Her height makes everything look classy on her, and her height makes every cloth suit her.

Vanshika Gaba Weight

Vanshika Gaba comes under slim category, she is well-maintained and has an attractive body. Her weight is 55 kg, her weight is perfect according to her height.

Vanshika Gaba’s Eye Color

Vanshika Gaba has a beautiful eye color, her eye color is not black but brown. Her eye color makes her different from others.

Vanshika Gaba’s Hair Color

Vanshika Gaba loves to experiment with her style and looks, she keeps on changing her hair color to look different. Her natural hair color is brown, all other colors she does artificially to enhance her look.

Vanshika Gaba figure

Vanshika Gaba’s figure is the dream of every other girl, she has a slim and attractive figure. She maintains her figure by regularly going to the gym and consuming a strict diet. Her figure is 32-28-34, an appreciating figure count.

Vanshika Gaba Biography
Source: Instagram

Vanshika Gaba’s personal life details

Here are a list of interesting facts about Vanshika Gaba Biography, let us have a look at the interesting and confidential points that all want to know about her. This particular section will include her birthplace, zodiac sign, nickname, caste, etc.


Vanshika Gaba Biography, her nickname is Vanshika, her family and friends call her by this name. All social media handles occupy this name.

Date of birth

Vanshika’s date of birth is provided in Vanshika Gaba Biography, she was born in the year 1999.


Vanshika Gaba was born in the year 1999, she is 25 years old and was born in Delhi, India.

Home town

Vanshika’s birthplace and hometown are still the same, she was born in Delhi and she now resides in Delhi.


Vanshika Gaba belongs to a Punjabi family, she follows the Hinduism religion.


Vanshika Gaba’s caste is Gaba, she belongs to a Punjabi family and her Punjabi looks are so adorable.


Vanshika Gaba’s professional life includes fashion blogging, traveling, social media star, etc.

What made Vanshika Gaba famous?

Vanshika Gaba is trending on many different social media handles, vanshika Gaba used to regularly post content related to fashion techniques, adorable combo outfits, skincare, and product reviews. Due to her hard work,k many videos started going viral, and her viral video list is so long. The reason behind her sudden search on every social media handle is the viral videos that she got due to her hard work.

There are many viral videos of Vanshika Gaba which all are of different styles, some are of pranks, some of the gym, some of the outfits, etc.

Vanshika Gaba milestone

1. Vanshika Gaba is well known for her adorable looks and style, due to this technique she has become the face of many top Brands in India. She has worked as a face for many top trending brands in India.

2. Vanshika Gaba’s Biography includes her social media, as they are pillars her what she is now, she is an Instagram star and famous on Snapchat.

3. Vanshika Gaba is an inspiration for many content creators and the young generation. Vanshika Gaba’s Biography started earning from a very young age, which inspires many young influencers to work hard and not lose hope.

4. Vanshika charges a decent amount for posting promotional posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Her net worth was boosted by all of these. Her social media account is filled with advertisements, promotional videos, and content.

Vanshika Gaba Biography
Source: Amazon

Vanshika Gaba’s Instagram page

Vanshika Gaba Biography includes her Instagram page, On that particular page she posts related to trendy fashion techniques, and fashionable clothes, and even teaches how to Accessorise with different clothes. Vanshika Gaba is followed on Instagram by many teenagers, and youngsters as her outfits are Mind blowing.

In Vanshika Gaba Biography, one of the important aspects is her Instagram page, her Instagram page is flooded with trendy outfit combinations. She has lakhs of followers on Instagram, people love to see her and learn fashion techniques from her.

People love to see her creative content and wait for her new video, she has gained millions of followers, who appreciate and adore her. People can access her techniques and styles by noticing her social media account, typing Vanshika Gaba on the search bar of Instagram to get her ID, or you can directly access her ID by clicking on the VanshikaGabaArora.

Vanshika Gaba YouTube channel

Vanshika Gaba biography has different important aspects one of the important aspects is Vanshika Gaba’s YouTube channel. YouTube is their best source of income, she a lot through YouTube, and her channel has lakhs of subscribers.

On her YouTube channel, she posts content related to makeup, styling techniques, fitness ideas, strict diets that she follows, accurate reviews of products, and many more. Her YouTube channel is a source of information regarding fashion for many people, people follow her techniques and tips to look adorable like her.

Her YouTube channel is comprised of YouTube shorts, full videos, and ll vlogs, she tries her best to give every information regarding the product therefore the videos go long.

Vanshika Gaba Interest

Vanshika Gaba Biography includes her Interest part, vanshika Gaba is fond of many different technologies that are gaming, traveling, blogging, dancing, performing fitness activities, etc. Vanshika Gaba has an immense interest in modeling, she loves to dress and show it to the country so that others can also learn from her.

Vanshika loves to share her outfit details with her fans, including the place, the review, and the discount coupon. She also teaches how to match the accessories with the dresses and vice versa. Vanshika Gaba Biography got a boost as her interest became her earning source of income, she has collaborated with multiple big brands and worked as a face for different brands in India.

Vanshika Gaba biography
Source: Instagram

She has a great fan following but she still practices and maintains a lot to increase her fan following, and works hard so that her content can reach more audiences. She regularly posts content on different social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Vanshika Gaba has become a famous social media and gained a lot of fame by creating and posting content related to fashion and lifestyle.


Vanshika Gaba secret

Vanshika Gaba with her husband posted a video on their combined YouTube channel, in which they asked each other interesting questions related to their life, let us have a look at the content of the video which depicts the secret and personality of Vanshika Gaba Biography.

1. When you are planning to have a baby?

In this, she replied that they already have a baby girl Bella, and they not planning to baby soon, but later they will think about it.

2. Which serial you love?

Vanshika Gaba replied to this question that she barely watches television, she only spends her time watching Netflix. She believes in Netflix and chill time, she is not interested in any SaaS bahu or entertainment television shows.

3. Did you feel nervous on your first night of marriage?

She replied not nervous as they had known each other for a long time, but was excited and a bit nervous as they were going to have a new life. Vanshika got married to Harshit after a long dating period, there she knew everything about him.

4. Why do you choose to relax?

She replied to this question, after marriage, she chooses the option cuddle to relax her self, she finds her comfort zone with his husband. She loves to spend time with him, share thoughts, and relax together.

5. How many pets do you want?

She has one pet dog, she said that she wants to have 1 pet as she wants to shower all her love to him. She doesn’t want to have much as taking care of all becomes exhausting with such a busy schedule.


Vanshika Gaba biography is a topic to talk about, she is an inspiring figure, started her journey as a content creator, and has now achieved height in that. Has millions of followers on social media accounts, become the face of top brands in India. Vanshika Gaba Biography was a success due to her hardworking nature and consistency. Vanshika Gaba has different sources of income she earns through Instagram by posting promotional content, earns through YouTube by posting lifestyle blogs, and has open own store.

Frequently Asked  Questions About Vanshika Gaba(FAQs)

In this section of Vanshika Gaba Biography, we will talk about the frequently asked questions related to her and her lifestyle. Let us have a look at that question

1. What is Vanshika Gaba’s age?

Vanshika Gaba is 25 years old, she was born in Delhi and stays in Delhi.

2. What is Vanshika Gaba’s marriage status?

Vanshika Gaba is married to Harshit Arora, Harshit Arora is a fashion influencer who posts content on social media handles.

3. What is the monthly income of Vanshika Gaba Biography?

Vanshika Gaba’s monthly income is in lakhs, she earns through different platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Amazon’s store, paid promotions, etc.

4. Who is Vanshika Gaba’s husband?

Vanshika Gaba Biography includes her husband, her husband name is Harshit Arora, and Vanshika Gaba’s husband’s Instagram I’d be Harshit Arora.

5. What is Vanshika Gaba Biography on Instagram I’d?

Vanshika Gaba Instagram I’d VanshikaGabaArora, she posts content related to fashion trends and trendy outfits.


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