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Despite being stuck on the University of Hyderabad (UoH) campus with small feeblest facilities since March 24, Mohammed Aarish Malik, a postgraduate beginner, is in no scramble to return to his hometown Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand.

Malik said that he has no normals to reach his hometown and added that he feels much comfortable on the campus right now. He said that evacuating the hostel would only mean that he would be abandoned and without food.

Even if he reaches Delhi, Malik said that taking off to Uttarakhand will be a herculean task as Delhi has close its borders. “If I leave now, I might get squeezed in Delhi,” said Malik. He said that even after the borders are unlocked, it is quite unlikely that he will be enabled to penetrate his village without being quarantined.


“I will have to stay in the forest, which is right outside my town, for 14 days. I will be compelled to stay in an open area and also have to prepare food arrangements. Rather of finding food, I might evolve prey to wild animals,” said Malik, a student from the School of Chemistry, at the institute.

Malik is not solitary. Around 300 students of UoH, who applaud from various states and are nowadays living on the campus, have no choice except to stay put in the university. While the sealing of boundaries is a matter for some, for others, it is the scarcity of home quarantine facilities or financial limitations that have provided them helpless.

“In the recent scenario, the terrible thing one could do is travel by train. The possibility of getting infected with coronavirus while touring is way higher than living back on campus. Further, I would be settling lives of my parents—who fall into the high-risk category, in problem as we stay in a 1-BHK accommodation in Rohini, Delhi where there is no installation to self-quarantine,” said Mrityunjaya Pandey, research scholar, Ph.D., Economics, expanding that he is not in a role to opt for institutional quarantine.
Students said that they have already ratified an undertaking saying that the varsity is not accountable if they get contaminated with the coronavirus. They said that they will resume staying on the campus by using the fewest resources and by following all approaches.



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