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UGC to merge JEE NEET: University Grants Commission (UGC) chief shared their plans for merging the engineering and medical entrances with the CUET UG. It intends to merge both the biggest exam with the Common University Entrance Test from the next academic year. Presently, it is planning to form an expert committee for better decisions.

M Jagadesh Kumar, chairperson of the University Grants Commission (UGC) said, “Merging the JEE (Main) and NEET with CUET UG will reduce the burden on students.” He added, “CUET for Undergraduate admission is occurring and it may be conducted twice from next academic year. Moreover, CUET is designed to limit the several entrance exams.”

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Why should students be burdened with multiple entrances? Says UGC Chairperson 

Jagadesh Kumar said, “In our country, we have three major entrances named NEET, JEE and CUET. And, we know numerous students appear for at least two of these examinations.”

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Further, he said, “The subject of NEET and JEE are quite similar. In NEET, students prepare for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. However, in JEE students focus on Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Also, the same subjects are included in CUET exams too for admission to various central universities. Then, why make students appear for mealtime entrance examinations?” 

UGC to merge JEE NEET but when? 

The UGC chief proposed the idea of merging entrances but he said that the final decision had not been taken yet. The expert committee will be formed for better decisions. So that he can make sure that NTA and all the concerned authorities become well prepared for introducing the new entrance test. 

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