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The choice of introduction based appraisal was precluded by the UGC while addressing to the inquiries for the situation challenging Delhi University. Final year examinations can be online/offline but must be time bound

Prathiba M Singh, A single-judge bench of Justice heard the supplication moving the choice of Delhi University to direct online open-book assessments for the last year college students. Tushar Mehta, Solicitor General showed up for the UGC and requested that the court concede the case until the issue was tended to in the Preeminent Court on August 10. Be that as it may, since Delhi University’s Final year examinations are planned to start from August 10, the court chose to proceed.


Emphasizing its remain to direct last year’s assessment, SG Mehta brought up that the translation of UGC Rules is that the assessments must be time-bound. Mehta expressed that it is to keep up the quality. Someone may compose a thesis or something in the event that it isn’t time-bound.

Delhi High Court had requested UGC to explain its remain on the chance of leading the assessments in different methods, as depicted in the rules for the middle of the road assessment. UGC expressed that while the assessments can be take in on the web or disconnected or mixed mode, straightforward introduction mode can’t be adapted as Final year examinations must be time-bound.



Adv. Akash Sinha, while speaking for the petitioners challenging DU’s OBE has brought up the deferral in the assessments and furthermore that the OBE was biased in nature. Referring to Articles 13, 16 and 21, Adv. Sinha noticed that students who don’t have web facilities would endure and the OBE thusly doesn’t give an equivalent chance to all.

Adv Sinha stated to the court that students who don’t have internet access have not been able to give mock. They would sit for the test legitimately on Aug 10. There are understudies who have stable web and so on however some are stuck in isolate zones, overflowed zones,

He additionally noticed that different Universities such as AMU, Jamia have announced their outcomes. The deferrals for last hear students of DU hampers their entitlement to circumstance. He likewise expressed that the worries of the students were not heard and tended to by the varsity, in spite of the assessments getting deferred various times. Court thusly approached what the candidates were searching for and on the off chance that they needed explicit protections in the OBE. To this, the solicitors answered that time was significant and DU must stretch out time breaking points to transfer the paper.

Adv Sinha claimed for the petitioners that on April 29 UGC Guidelines were advisory in essence and colleges had the independence to formulate their own protocol but now they have improved the nature of the guidelines. But I am not questioning these. According to the current Guidelines, colleges have to acquire a mode which is of 2 – 3 hours. We did throng sourcing of data. NLU Delhi allowed 72 hours to write an exam whereas JNU gave 24 hours.


Supporter Sharma has told the court that the end intention is to get to the understudies however OBE isn’t the correct intend to accomplish this end. MCQ could have been embraced for at least physics, math, and statistics courses. Be that as it may, there has been no utilization of mind. He further included that by delaying exams on numerous times, the final year students are being hurt.

Court has coordinated to affirm the facts on downloading the question paper from email, transferring answer on email. Some more inquiries posed by the Court are the place is the email of schools/helplines distributed, what is the choices on the complaints board of trustees, and can measure of the copy be expanded beyond 5 MB. Court has additionally requested that the varsity give the scope of the marks for the course and examination shifts.

The hearing is dismissed today after entries for the benefit of Petitioners have been heard today. Tomorrow, the rundown of entries on the behalf of Delhi University will be heard.




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