If someone has to say me that you’ve 7-10 days, go for a vacation and have some fun, I will undoubtedly make my way to Himachal and for trekking. That’s my only way of escaping the normal routine fill my life with new stories to tell. Read some travel stories at Route Prints.

There’s nothing like serene landscapes, mighty mountains, and lush valleys that fill my heart with eternal happiness. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places that allow me to explore and witness rich flora and fauna, indulge in various adventurous activities, walk through amazing hill stations, and mystical forests.

Also, trekking is the only way when I can forget about all my luxuries for a few days and live my life with the sprawling beauty of Himachal in the most basic way possible. So, here’s my list of top treks in Himachal Pradesh where I can move to anytime possible.

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Best treks in Himachal

Let’s get started with the most visited trek and without a doubt the gem of Himachal Pradesh. Even I started my journey of being on a trek with the same. All the beginners out there can start with the Triund trek and explore the scenic views of Himachal.

The trek is absolutely breeze and is just 9km that starts from Dharamkot. One can easily complete the entire trek in a mere 5-6 hours. On your way to this trek, you’ll be witnessing panoramic views of Dhauladhar ranges on one side and mesmerizing Kangra Valley on the other.

If somehow you feel that the trek was quite easy and your adventurous soul is not satisfied yet, you can head towards the Indradhar Pass, which is around 17km ahead of Triund. Do not forget that this new one will become a little difficult still provides you with beautiful views on your way. You can try out the trek during May-June or September- November.

Going on this trek can be one of the best decisions if you’re looking for a small trip. This trail will take you through the eye-catching Solang Valley, snow-covered mountains, glaciers, and lush green meadows.

To enter the Beas Kund Glacier (Birthplace of river Beas) you need to walk via Dhundi and Bakarthach. Another reason, why this wonderful trek in Kullu Valley is so famous is that people of any age-group can easily complete the trek, and too that in the most enjoyable manner. Also, the trek is situated at a height of 3650m, from where you can catch a glimpse of Mt. Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters from the Dhundi Camp.

Tosh Valley Trek

Here comes another famous trek that is quite easy and situated at a height of 4560m.

To reach Tosh Valley you can need start from Barshaini where you’ll be walking through some tough and rocky paths. This 5km trek will ask you to climb uphill and let you see beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, lush greenery, valleys, and snow-clad mountains.

Trust me, all your efforts in order to reach Tosh will pay off when you see those beautiful sceneries all around. Also, if you really want to make it to Tosh, the best time to visit is from March to May. In addition to this, if you feel like Tosh Valley Trek was an easy one, you can extend your journey to Pin Parvati Valley and Kheerganga trek (another very popular trek among trekkers) that starts from Tosh Valley only.

Deo Tibba Trek

This one is the most beautiful treks amongst all the treks out there in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is situated at a height of 4480m and will let you go to the shimmering waters of the Chandratal Lake.

While on your way, you can witness the outstanding side views of beautiful Rohtang Pass and many other hanging glaciers.

The reasons why this trek in the Beas Valley is frequently visited by a number of visitors because of its meadows all-covered with flowers, fields of maize, paddy, and apples transformed into terraces, and the amazing Beas River.

Another best part about the trek is that the area lies amidst various other mountains that include Manirang, Hanuman Tibba, Manimahesh Kailash, Gumburanjaon, Rubal Kang, and Leo Parigal. So, you can catch the sight of these mighty mountains as well.

Kareri Lake Trek

The trek is situated at a height of 3300m that lies in the beautiful Kangra district. In order to reach the trek, you need to start from McLeod Gunj and then towards Kareri village.

While trekking, do not miss seeing a huge temple on the summit of a hill overlooking the lake that is devoted to Lord Shiva and Shakti.

Also, those who don’t know this, the reason why Kareri Lake is considered the top attraction here is that the lake is created by the inflow of the melted waters from the Mankaini Peak. Also, since the trek is considered one of the alpine treks in the Himalayan region, thus it is suggested that those who already have an experience of high altitude trekking should go for this trek.


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