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History Honours is one of the best courses offered by University of Delhi and has been in demand for a long time. For the lovers of past and how it has shaped the present, it has always been an interesting thing to do. Some of the top colleges for History Hons. are:

1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women:

LSR is undoubtedly the best college for all Humanities courses including History. Even though it is an off-campus college, its value is not less than any other North-campus college.


2. Stephen’s College

Another great college for studying History is St. Stephen’s. With its great faculty and campus, St. Stephen’s always tops the list.




3. Miranda House

A dream of many, Miranda House is one of the best colleges when it comes to courses like History Hons.


4. Indraprastha College for Women

This college comes under the North Campus colleges, has a beautiful campus and a great faculty.


5. Hindu College

Unlike many others in this list, Hindu is a co-ed college and one of the best options for both boys and girls wanting to pursue History Hons.


6. Gargi College

Famous for its high-cut offs,Gargi is worth every high mark you score to get into it. Located near the Green Park metro station, Gargi is well connected and easily accessible for all.

History Honours is one of the best courses offered by University of Delhi and even though the above mentioned colleges are best for it, there are many other colleges with a great faculty, so even if you don’t get into one of these, don’t be disappointed, because your experience is still going to be a great one.

Pragya Achantani


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