Artificial intelligence has been becoming a necessity in the modern-day business world. AI helps to free up employees by automating the business, enhance productivity and innovate business processes. When it comes to achieving optimum results within a limited budget, AI is leading the way.

Often merging cloud computing band edge computing, leading companies from google to Alibaba use AI to enhance customer experience and gain competitive advantage. According to an estimate, AI has the potential to boost profitability by 38%. Similarly, AI vendors like amazon are incorporating AI through applications and systems.

Here is the list of the top 5 industries that are using AI to their advantage

·      Healthcare industry

AI plays a significant role when it comes to the healthcare industry. Although there is still a lot of room for improvement yet, AI is changing the dynamics of the healthcare industry by helping patients through improving diagnostic outcomes and marinating patient data.

Similarly, AI has improved the healthcare sector drastically by offering administrative services and virtual nursing systems. For instance, IBM Watson, a medical software, can diagnose uncommon diseases for doctors. Moreover, robot-operated surgeries are efficient and less time-consuming.

Expectations are high that AI will eventually solve the everlasting problem of accessibility, affordability, and efficacy in the healthcare sector.

·      Marketing industry

In the wake of the COVID-19, the marketing industry has gone through critical changes. Similarly, marketers in today’s world are using more technology than ever before. Now brands know customer behavior more than customers do, thanks to the incorporation of AI.

·      Manufacturing industry

It is easy to notice how AI has transformed the manufacturing sector. Human resources are better utilized as robots replace employees, so now everyone can use one’s skills to the best as the labor work in the manufacturing sector has been taken over by the robots. By creating accurate material in less time and easing the administrative burden, AI has optimized the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, in the future, AI will focus on cost-effective and energy-efficient means of production.


·      Education sector

Smart gadgets have been replacing notebooks, and intelligent learning techniques are becoming the norm in the education industry. From researching submitting assignments, students are turning to online means. Similarly, teachers check the originality of the work using technology.

Additionally, an automated grading system has increased transparency, and online courses have led to the organization of classes. Further, there are several platforms available through which teachers can check whether students lack a basic understanding of the topic or not. To help students close the gap, some programs can design curriculum.

Nobody can deny the fact that teachers are an essential part of education; nothing can replace them. Nevertheless, AI can assist teachers in increasing productivity and make learning easy for students.

·      Gambling industry

The gambling industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Using top-notch technologies helps casinos and especially online casinos to attract more clients and increase incomes. One of these technologies is AI. Exycasinos experts shared with us how is AI used in this field.

AI servers to analyze gamblers behavior, predict needs and invent the solutions how to keep players loyal to a particular gambling club. With the data collected by AI casino authorities know what games bring more money, and whether they should invest in opening a new roulette table or slots section. Needless to say, that AI is also used to protect casino sites from being breached. The algorithms are able to detect users’ abnormal activity and suspend their sessions.

·      Agricultural industry

Last on the list is the agricultural industry. AI promises to deliver state-of-the-art agricultural equipment that can ensure sustainability. To cope with the growing population, implementation of various applications of AI in assisting farmers and harvesting crops.

Technology, of course, has its blessings and banes. From mechanical technologies to automated vehicles, AI has assisted human beings in numerous ways. AI has promised to transform the future, and various industries are taking the initiative to incorporate AI into the system.


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