Top 20 Arts professional Course to do after 12th

12th is the turning point for every student they have to choose the best option for them. Here are some arts Course to do after 12th:-



Bachelor of Arts is a Course to do after 12th and its duration is 3 years. A general set of common B.A. subjects exist, in improvement to which domain subjects are also present.

Some specialization areas are-

  • B.A. Psychology
  • B.A. History
  • B.A. Archaeology
  • B.A. Economics
  • B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication
  • B.A. English
  • B.A. Hindi
  • B.A. Malayalam
  • B.A. in other languages (state-wise)
  • B.A. Sociology
  • B.A. Politics
  • B.A. Geography
  • B.A. Indian Culture
  • B.A. Social Work etc.

Course to do after 12th

Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Stands for Bachelor of Business Administration which is a remarkable Course to do after 12th. The course duration is 3 years. BBA is one of the most famous bachelor degree programs after class XII. The BBA course provides various job opportunities in a surplus of sectors like Marketing, Education, Finance, Deals, and Government to name just a few.

Bachelor of Management Science

One of the Courses to do after 12th is Bachelor of Management Science. The course duration is 3 years. As the name indicates, the BMS course focuses on the realm of management studies. Virtually, it is a supervision education program.

The central aim of the BMS course is to impart management mastery and knowledge among students. To impart this understanding, the academic program manipulates both classroom lectures and practical training. Businesses and Organizations across the world need skilled managers to take care of their everyday operations. Administrators are the ones who coordinate and organize the following things – human resources, finance, undertakings, decision-making, material resources, marketing, etc.

Bachelor Of Fine Arts

One of the Courses to do after 12th Bachelor of Fine arts. The course interval is 3 years. BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate degree course that contracts with the study of Visual or Performing Arts.

The course is sometimes also referred to as a Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in which the survey of Visual Arts contains subjects such as painting, art, photography, literature, animation, etc. On the other hand, the study of Performing Arts implicates subjects such as dance, theatre, and music. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree often expects an area of specialization to be selected by the nominee as per his/her concern.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management course period is 3 years. This one of the most popular Courses to do after 12th. The BHM course also emphasizes on formulating and improving personal skills of an aspirant as a decent attitude is a must in this career path. Apart from this, the BHM course also teaches students on facets such as hygiene, food safety as well as nutrition that is in theme with international standards.

Bachelor of Event Management

One of the Courses to do after 12th is Bachelor of Event Management. The course interval is 3-4 years. Event Management as a career field expects candidates to conceptualize, plan, and organize an event that can be a political rally, a prize show, exhibition, fashion show, etc. As part of organizing an event, one needs to identify the target audience, determine the theme for the event, plan logistics, and deliver invites for the event being organized.

Integrated Law course

B.A.+L.L.B. Course period is 5 years. case of an integrated course, a student has the vacancy to cover two courses under one academic strategy. Since there are two courses merged, it is called an Integrated course. One of the famous Course to do after 12th
Usually, Law (L.L.B.) program can be proposed only as a PG course.

Yes, one must be a Graduate to come to be eligible to conserve L.L.B. But since the Integrated Law course covers a Bachelor’s Degree course too, it can be followed by students right after they complete 12th Standard Schooling!

Bachelor of journalism and Mass Communication

Course to do after 12th is Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications. The course interval is 2-3 years. BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Communication) is a three-duration undergraduate degree course for nominees who wish to assemble their career in the area of journalism and mass communication. After successfully finalizing the course candidates are able to formulate as well as refine their skills of meeting, transmitting, and delivering evidence to a large audience.

Bachelor of fashion designing

Bachelor of Fashion Designing Is After 12th Course. The course length is 4 years. Bachelor of Fashion Design is a course mainly designed for odd and creative minds. The course offers to eligible nominees an idea of how the vigorous world of the fashion industry acts. Combined with social and cultural values, the course mainly concentrates on the shifting trends and the sustainability of invention with economic viewpoints.

Bachelor of elementary education

Bachelor of Elementary Education is After 12th Course. The Course interval is 4 years. B.El.Ed – Bachelor of Elementary Education is an undergraduate bachelor’s degree course with a 4-year length. The course trains nominees to market with children from 6-12 years. It gives an insight into child psychology and cognitive growth, hypotheses, and exercises of elementary education, and holds preliminary courses on how to children learn.

The training comprises a set of support, services, and teachings for children with learning disabilities and separately designed programs to meet their learning needs; quick attention spans, and varied temperaments and values. Lessons are also given to organize and implement rules, formulating lesson plans, and maintaining order with instructional material.

Bachelor of physical education

Bachelor of Physical Education Is After 12th Course Course interval is 1 year. BPEd (Bachelor of Physical Education) is an undergraduate degree course that contracts with the techniques that are useful to retain the health of the human body. The course is typically of three to four years period. However, some universities also give a one or two-year interval BPEd course.

BPEd can be pursued as a full-time or part-time course.
Candidates having an intense enthusiasm for sports and related activities are the straight pick for Bachelor of Physical Education course. A degree in BPEd can lead competitors to a variety of career options starting from being a portion of the chosen sport to being a physical fitness coach.

Diploma in Elementary Education

Diploma in Elementary Education Is After 12th Course. The course length is 3 years. D.El.Ed is a Diploma course in Elementary Education. It is a 2-year full-time diploma course to train educators for the primary level and can be done with classroom activity or distance learning. It is a 4-semester lesson to prepare students to function in primary/ upper primary schools in different states of the country.

The layout of the course is such that it encompasses practical training and internships along with classroom training. It includes principles of child development, education method, and the role of the teacher in training the students.

Bachelor of social work

Bachelor of Social Work Is After 12th Course. The course interval is 3 years. Bachelor of Social Work or BSW is a skilled degree that is given at the undergraduate (UG) level. The duration of a BSW course is usually three years and candidates need to positively obtain the course within a maximum interval of six years.
Candidates can attempt BSW as a full-time course or even pursue it as a Correspondence/ Distance Education course. BSW course largely comprises of three major parts which are foundation course, elective course, and fieldwork.

Animation and Multimedia course.

Course duration differs but is commonly between 1-3 years. The animation is one of the most sought after streams in India these days. The justification behind the accumulating vogue of animation courses can be high strength of animators in various agents such as movies, television, video games as well as industrial devices.

Bachelor of Retail Management

Bachelor of Retail Management Is After 12th Course. The course interval is 3 years. A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree, usually the first that learners amass when they start a higher education path. It generally takes four years to complete, however, many students are able to obtain it in three. Bachelor’s degrees are attained through a combination of lectures, exams, and coursework.

Aviation courses (Cabin Crew)

The course interval is generally between 1-3 years. It Is After 12th Course. Aviation as a course and career pattern is only for those who are passionate about this area. Apart from acquiring in-depth knowledge of machines, flight requires people in its workforce to have substantial knowledge of the work profile of people working in other departments of the enterprise as well

Bachelor of business and study

One of the Courses to do after 12th. Is Bachelor of Business Studies. The course interval is 3 years.
Bachelor of Business Studies is the full form of the BBS course. This is an undergraduate course maintained under the business management studies spectrum. The course interval is of 3 years which is symmetrically intersected into 6 semesters. The course intends to furnish major insights into business management along with finance and financial studies.

Bachelor of travel and tourism

One of the Courses to do after 12th is Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management. The course interval is 3-4 years.
Students have extensive career opportunities in this fast thriving industry of travel and tourism. Aspirants looking to maintain their business in the enterprise can want to work for travel mechanisms, government tourism departments, tour operations, immigration and customs services, airlines, hotels, and the roster continues.

BCA (IT and Software)

The full form of BCA is a Bachelor’s in Computer Application. BCA is one of the Courses to do after 12th BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree program for competitors wishing to delve into the world of Computer languages. One of the most outstanding choices to get started with a career in Information Technology, the lesson gives you an understanding of the nation of computers and its applications.

BA in Arts (Fine/ Visual/ Performing)

Ever been captivated by the art showcased in halls or impressed by the architecture of a building? One, of course, to do after 12th is BA In Arts Well, there are people out there who struggle to make a beautiful piece of art in the form of statue, music, drama, painting, film, architecture, photograph, animated character, and a lot more.


~Gunjan Dhingra


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