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Music is the soul of life. During the ups and downs of life, music is the only thing that remains constant. Music remains your best partner throughout your journey, bringing back memories, cherishing moments of life, helping you to heal, and adding fun to your parties and even boring days. And your college days would be completely monochrome if you don’t have friends and a playlist to show them off. Let me tell you, Delhi University students are particular and popular for carrying the coolest playlist in the town.

Be it college premises, canteen, class bunks, restaurants, food trucks, metro rides, shopping trips to Sarojini Nagar, house parties, or coffee dates, DU students love to play and feel music around.  You can easily spot students putting on earphones and banging their heads and enjoying music walking in a busy street or metro station.

Everyone has their own set of songs that can suit their taste. The list is wide enough Indian classical, pop, western hits, folk, Sufi, and yes all-time favorite entertaining Bollywood songs. They handpick the best and create the most vivid playlists. However, some songs hold a special place in every Delhi University Students’ heart. These songs just rule and stand out in almost every favorite playlist of Delhi University students.

Do you want to know what are these songs? Let’s get a sneak peek at their playlists! We have picked the top 10 songs every DU Student has on their playlist.

So let’s shuffle play before any Spotify advertisement spoils the mood!

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    Kun Faya Kun by Mohit Chauhan


We have just one word for this song – Wow! The musical paradise by legends- composer AR Rehman, lyricist Javed Akhtar and sung by Mohit Chauhan. One always wonders listening to this song- How can a song penetrate deep into your soul and heal all your wounds. The touch of Sufi with the melodious voice and perfect lyrics – this song captures our heart. The lines – “Wo jo mujhmein samaaya, wo jo tujhmein samaaya, Maula wahi-wahi Maaya” is enough to tell you the essence of God. A six-minute twenty seconds song feels like a downpour after a humid and tiring day. We just can’t have enough of it, right guys?

Listen it here

  • Hum To Udd Gaye by Ritwiz

Changing the cult, ‘Hum To Udd Gaye’ by Ritviz was a chartbuster in 2017, and since then you can find it in every Delhi University students’ playlist. The electro mix song lets you vibe and the beat drop is just awesome. A 21-year-old DJ, singer, and Hindustani dance music producer from Pune, Ritviz, became an instant hit after listeners across the country were able to connect with its melancholic lyrics clubbed with upbeat melodies. And most don’t even know that Udyan Sagar, aka Nucleya, was so taken by the song that he offered to master it before its release. One of the best tracks for a house party or jamming with your friends.

Listen it here

  • Aftab by The Local Train

The Local Train is just precious, and one can not praise it less. Delhi University students keep exploring Indian Artists and bands and The Local Train is loved by all. The lyrics are so powerful yet so easygoing that it hits your heart but it feels like a gentle tap on your cheeks. “Jab lage har ghadee ke ab is raat kee na hai subah koee
kar yakeen dekh too ke aafataab vo haseen hai chhupa yaheen kaheen” – stuck in our head, the beauty of Aftab and its creators. A subtle amalgamation of happiness, love, and positivity.

Listen it here

  • Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Delhi’s winter evening, a coffee in one hand and the next holding the love of your life. You are happy and smiling, just feeling the moment. Everything going perfect and now you just need a perfect song to say what you are holding back. Yes, the perfect song by Ed Sheeran! The name is enough to make your dates even better. The most romantic songs would leave butterflies in your stomach even if you are single. Making fake scenarios with your crush playing this song isn’t that bad (as I do). It is an essential song, trust me, guys!

Listen it here

  • Night Changes by One Direction

Raise your hand if you badly miss One Direction! I know all your hands are up.. We have a childhood connection with One Direction and ‘Night Changes’ . How beautifully this song enters your heart, you feel nostalgic and you realize how important it is to live every moment of life. “We’re only gettin’ older, baby , And I’ve been thinkin’ about it lately Does it ever drive you crazy, Just how fast the night changes?” The talented boy band giving so touching lyrics, placing them in every Delhi University students’ playlist.

Listen it here

  • Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad

‘Hey, bro who caught you smiling like that?’ Yes, it’s Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad. A constant smile throughout the song with some memories in my head.  No one can resist itself smiling back over this song, no one can deny the melodious voice of Prateek Kuhad. He got a unique singing quality and his songs – simple chords with happy tunes, perfect to make your day. One book in your hand, this song in the background, and the smell of your favorite snack- a soothing day!

Even the music video of this song which came later in 2020, when the pandemic struck all around, the song helped us to heal. The questions in the video helped you to ask yourself the same with a smiling face and flashback of memories.

Listen it here

  • Laembadgini by Diljit Dosanjh

You are on a road trip or long drive, Punjabi songs are a must. Snapchat and Instagram stories let my friends know who is the OG! You need an apt song that goes with your vibe, here it is.  The song holds first place when one is going to take car rides. Diljit Dosanjh just knows what you are looking for. Every DU student who owns a car plays this song most frequently.

Listen it here

  • For Aisha by Memba

A beautiful track in the movie -The Sky is Pink. The mixture of Hindi, Punjabi, and English it might sound odd but in case of -‘ For Aisha’ it is just awesome, just like aloo chat that contains sweet, sour, and chili taste to make it mouthwatering.

The song is a heartwarming message from a brother to his deceased sister who fought back all her life-giving us inspiration to live life to the fullest. Death is the ultimate truth but you need to choose happiness over everything. And Delhi University students spark similar energy. The song is an anthem to love ourselves.

Listen it here

  • Bade Achche lagte hai by Amit Kumar 

For the old souls, this song is the expression of pure innocent love. Love carries peace, and observing nature with your loved one, watching twilight, sunset, and the stars, all this just feels right when you are with your better half. The innocent lover who doesn’t know who to express his love but this song caught your back, a relief for many Delhi University students.

The rhythm is just beautiful which enhances the meaning of the song. The song describes how we love to praise earthly things like the sun, moon, grasses, rivers, night, and fireflies – little things that make your life happy. Just like how a person feels so right and how it will be loved endlessly.

Listen it here

  • Arziyan by Javed Ali and Kailash Kher

There are a few twenty-first-century Bollywood songs that have the power to escalate us to a whole new world, leaving the filth of heart behind. ‘Arziyan’ is a gem. every single time you listen to the song, you get goosebumps. The song urges you to sing along teaching the meaning of faith and Almighty. In these uncertain times, where violence, death, and misery are all around, this song preaches the true meaning of soul.  ‘Arziyan’ is a request, a letter to God to find it. The song answers all your doubts and queries and fills up the void in your heart. Delhi University students when they lose track or just want to be themselves, ‘Arziyan’ serves to the fullest.

So, the playlist ends here. I know many of you might be thinking we should have added this song or that song but remember what Naina said – “Jitna bhi try karlo Bunny, life me kuch na kuch chhut hi jata hai.”

Listen it here 


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